Aktuální pedagogika. - № 1. - 2016

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 From the editor-in-chief [скачать pdf]

Pedagogy theory


Somov V. A., Somova D. V. The teaching of the humanities in higher education in terms of Mass Media growth [скачать pdf]

Khangeldieva I. G. Edutainment as a philosophy and an integrated creative technology of modern education  [скачать pdf]

Ivanova E. K., Chemerilova I. A. The role of schools in developing pedagogical culture of modern parents  [скачать pdf]

Aleksandrova L. M. An integrated approach to developing the foundations of aesthetic culture of Junior schoolchildren  [скачать pdf]


Pedagogy and psychology


Zvonova E. V., Koroleva T. I. Motivational aspect of professional self-determination of the teacher-musician  [скачать pdf]

Kotenko L. V., Kryukov D. M. Features of color effects in the socialization and education of cadets of military high school  [скачать pdf]

Shvetsov I. O., Zhidkov V. O. Pedagogical conditions of development and correction of communicative competence of students of military schools  [скачать pdf]


Linguistic pedagogy


Naumova I. A. Stages of transition to the usage of videolectures in English in the process of bachelor of science training  [скачать pdf]

Petrova T. V. Peculiarities of texts’ selection for the independent extracurricular reading at higher military schools  [скачать pdf]

Dalinger V. A. Text subject tasks, their classification and methodical recommendations about training of pupils in their decision  [скачать pdf]


Teaching technology


Baranova N. A., Dunayev D. A., Brod’ko N. G. Accompanying the process of training and professional adaptation of students of higher school with using information systems   [скачать pdf]

Gats I. U. Video lecture in the arsenal of methodological means of the higher school teacher   [скачать pdf]

Palchikova I. N. The organizational and pedagogical conditions implementation of educational process using distance learning technologies   [скачать pdf]


Questions of special pedagogy


Andrianova R. A. Features of training specialists to prevention deviant behavior of migrant families children  [скачать pdf]

Korneva A. V. The use of mnemonics in speech therapy work with children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity  [скачать pdf]


Trends in foreign pedagogy


Erkibayeva G. G. Addressing intensification of educational process in Kazakhstan schools  [скачать pdf]

Wu Ping, Popovicheva I. V. From experience of the Department of Russia language of Applied sciences and technologies College of Hainan University (China)  [скачать pdf]

Sargsyan S. M. The ecological function of landscape painting   [скачать pdf]

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