Aktuální pedagogika. - № 1. - 2017

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From the Editor-in-Chief [download pdf]




Sterkhov А. А. An educational environment of the Orthodox school and moral education of a pupil [download pdf]

Kireev P. N., Klimenko P. V. Analysis of the concept of patriotic education in foreign armed forces  [download pdf]

Kotenko L. V., Kotenko K. V., Mingalev V. V. Civil education of cadets in the information space of military high school [download pdf]

Ruzieva D. I. To the question of practical orientation of vocational training of future teachers  [download pdf]




Karelina I. O. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of senior preschoolers’ emotion regulation formation [download pdf]




Gats I. U. The formation of competences of masters of teacher education [download pdf]

Goncharenko N. V., Ignatenko O. P. The role of edutainment technology in improving the quality of teaching Russian as a foreign language for medical students [download pdf]

Goncharov S. A., Lopina L. P. Integrated lessons as a form of innovation at work in the school (for example, a lesson on «Christ is the Savior of the Christian doctrine of salvation of God's law» [download pdf]

Kotova O. V. The lesson of consolidation: «My house» for class 4 by M. Biboletova [download pdf]

Lomako Z. A. Modeling as a method of forming notions of time in children of senior preschool age [download pdf]

Plakhina L. N. Application case-technology in the discipline «Psychology of professional education»  [download pdf]

Rodina T. B. Мusical dictation at the ear training lessons: typical problems and tyeir solutions [download pdf]

Tulepbergenova D. J., Zvereva S. A., Khalilova K. M. Interactive methods of teaching reading in conditions of multilanguage Astrakhan region [download pdf]

Yadryshnikov K. S. The judicial act as a source of cases of legal subject (for the studying professional educational organizations) [download pdf]




Charushinа A. V. Peculiarities of prosodic aspects of speech in children with a defaced dysarthria [download pdf]


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