Aktuální pedagogika. - № 2. - 2018

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Pedagogy theory


Bogdanova E. V. The information component of inclusive competence of students   [download pdf]

Torgomyan S. F., Harutyunyan R. R. Issues on the organization of the process of educational-cognitive practices   [download pdf]


Pedagogy and psychology


Saratovtseva N. V. A rewiew of the tutorial by I. O. Karelina “The pedagogical basics of development of emotion understanding at children”   [download pdf]


Linguistic pedagogy


Polunina L. N., Vishnyakova E. A., Drozdova T. V. Theoretical approaches to the identification of learning style in foreign language instruction   [download pdf]


Teaching technology


Yermuratova A. T., Orazbekova D. Functions of interactive methods of education in strengthening students’ learning activity of musical education institutions   [download pdf]

Konovalova O. V., Karaeva L. V. Applying technology of modeling during formation of profile students’ professional direction   [download pdf]


Trends in foreign pedagogy


Akhmetzhanov А. B., Sabitova A. R., Sadvakassova G., Plyushko O., Ilyassova F. K. South West International Secondary school: Striving to involve students

into extra-curricular activities   [download pdf]

Dragnev Y. V. Modern trends in the development of e-learning in university and professional training of future teachers of physical culture in the higher physical education   [download pdf]


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