Aktuální pedagogika. - № 2-3. - 2019

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Pedagogy theory


Starodubtsev Yu. I., Davliatova M. A., Mitrofanov M. V., Kotenko L. V. Technology of controlled accumulation and distribution of scientific and educational content 


Pedagogy and psychology


Gasan Yu., Zvonova E. V. Socio-psychological characteristics of student readiness for career planning 

Nikolaeva A. A., Zvonova E. V. Musical art therapy as a means of prevention of fatigue of working students 


Linguistic pedagogy


Torgomyan S., Arutyunyan R. A new approach to teaching writing 


Teaching technology


Burkova L. L., Kоchkarova K. A. Optional classes historical and mathematical content as a form of extracurricular work in primary school 

Dragnev Y. V. The organization of the training process in "arm wrestling" Luhansk national university named after Volodymyr Dahl 

Trends in foreign pedagogy


Samodumska O. L. Leading subjects of non-formal adult education in Ukraine

Samoilenko O. Personal-oriented professional counceling of adults: experience of the Slovak Republic 

Rules for authors 

Plan of the international conferences organized by Universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Czech Republic on the basis of the SPC «Sociosphere» in 2019 

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