Ekonomické trendy. - № 1. - 2017

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Voypanyuk S. Y. Conceptual basics and notional terms of profit [download pdf]

Galaktionova N. V. The perspectives of dynamic balance sheet theory [download pdf]




Garbat M. Vocational activity of persons with disabilities – the UN Convention and the Polish reality [download pdf]

Tunnikova V.A., Avanesyan K.R. Improving procurement management system at the company during business negotiations in English [download pdf]

Bondarenko V. A., Ivanchenko O. V. Marketing analysis of the external environment in the aspect of development of information and communication infrastructure of marketing [download pdf]

Ismaylov V. I. Development ways of agrotourism in Azerbaijan [download pdf]

Kilicheva F. B. The introduction of information technology in accounting and analytical processes of enterprises [download pdf]

Kiselev D. E., Klishina A. S. Economic feasibility of modernization at thermal power plants [download pdf]

Kostoglodov D. D., Ivanchenko O. V., Bessonova A. A. The specifics of social media marketing in the beauty industry [download pdf]

Soldatkina O. A. The disclosures on financial instruments in accordance with international financial reporting standards [download pdf]

Hikmatov H. Kh., Akbarov H. U. Economic and mathematical models and methodical development of optimal water use artificial reservoirs in mountain regions of Uzbekistan [download pdf]




Baranov A. M. Information economy of Belarus and allocation of social capital [download pdf]

Selyutina L. G., Biriukova L. E. Agglomeration development problem in Russia [download pdf]

Denikaeva R. N., Gvozdenko V. N. On the Russian banking sector: trends and prospects [download pdf]

Evstratieva A. I. The approaches of capital formation in Russian and international financial reporting standards [download pdf]

Mustafayeva R. R. The role and characteristics of foreign investments in Azerbaijan's economy [download pdf]

Utkin A. I. The relationship between the Russian currency market and the Forex international currency market [download pdf]


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