Ekonomické trendy. - № 3. - 2016

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Kosyakova I. V., Larionov I. V. Formation management strategy of largest industrial enterprise aimed at environmental responsibility of business [download pdf]

Hudoykina T. V., Prokopovich A. A. The concept, the advantages and disadvantages of alternative methods of solution economic disputes [download pdf]

Schneider A. G., Schmidt A. N., Bannikov A. Yu. The approaches to the use of spatial development indicators in the analysis and forecasting of social and economic development in the Russian science [download pdf]




Emelyanov A. A., Bakaeva N. S., Tasheva V. A., Tkachenko A. A. Ways of profitability increase of bath-and-laundry complexes in the regional market of consumer services [download pdf]

Mironenkova Zh. V., Moussawi A. L., Davletianova A. F. Pharmacy and Medicine in Labanon: the many opportunities to learn [download pdf]

Ivanchenko O. V., Mirgorodskaya O. N. Trends of development in the residential real estate market: the regional dimension [download pdf]

Shariy G. I. Assessment of formation factors on land market prices, their predictive properties [download pdf]




Akhmadeev R. G., Bykanova O. A., Tretyakova D. A. The ways to overcome the negative phenomena in the Russian economy [download pdf]

Petrova Y. A., Pavlenko S. N., Zubrova K. S., Davydova A. N. Analysis of Russian’s international relationship [download pdf]

Zavgorodniy F. A., Polyanina A. I., Lukinova N. N. Russia's accession to the world trade organization: the results of the first years and the effects [download pdf]

Rudakova E. N., Vlasov A. V. The role EBRD in development of railway transport in the Eastern European countries of the European Union (for example a.s. ČD České dráhy, PKP Polskie Koleje Państwowe s.a.) [download pdf]


 Plan of the international conferences organized by Universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Czech Republic on the basis of the SPC «Sociosphere» in 2016 

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