Filologické vědomosti. - № 1. - 2016

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Afinskaya Z. N. Cultural and cognitive dissonance: "hospitalité l/ l hostilité" [download pdf]

Akhmetov B. Z. Language relics in speech descendants of Russian Cossacks former Bitter Lines in inoethnic environment as a reflection of the stability of the Cossack culture [download pdf]

Galiullina S. D., Kobyakova T. I. The concept of "custody" in Russian language picture of the world [download pdf]

Zavarzina G. A. To the question about systematic link in the atructure of lexical-semantic field (on the base of LSF «State government» in modern Russian language) [download pdf]

Islamov Z. M. Peculiarities of translation of multilingual works in eastern languages [download pdf]

Karabulatova I. S. Multilingualism Eurasian language personality of a new type in the era of globalization as a geopolitical problem [download pdf]

Koyshe K. K. The problem of preservation and development of minority languages in the era of globalization [download pdf]

Makeyeva M. N., Borodulina N. Yu. Metaphorality of economic discourse: interdiscursive nature and potential of rhetorical impact [download pdf]

Muminov A. M. Language world picture and its reflection on translation [download pdf]

Pazlitdinova N. Z. Integration of science in the study of phutonimy [download pdf]

Prozorov L. R. The smerd's problem: anthroponimical dimension [download pdf]

Khachmafova Z. R. Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of verbalization of the concept of «home» in the discourse of contemporary women's fiction (on a material of Russian and German languages) [download pdf]

Shagbanova H. S., Bobkov E. A. The literary process as a space Dialogue urban and rural culture [download pdf]

Shishkin N. Videoboom's ideological aspect – reaction in the «perestroika» press [download pdf]




Lipich V. V., Lipich T. I. «I'm singing the previous hymns…» (revising the problem of the artistic synthesis in the creative method of A.S. Pushkin)  [download pdf]

Loskutova E. N. Poetonims in the context of suggestive effect exposure cultural linguistic code (on the material of M. A. Sholokhov) [download pdf]

Ulukov N. М., Bahodirova N. Sh. About the poetic combinations with the meaning of “gul” in Alisher Navoi’s poetru [download pdf]




Polivara Z. V. The problem of formation of coherent written speech in primary school bilingual [download pdf]

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