Filologické vědomosti. - № 2. - 2016

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From the Editor-in-Chief [download pdf]





Afinskaya Z. N. Meta- as an indicator interdisciplinary studies [download pdf]

Kuzmina R. P. The use of augmentative suffixes in Even language [download pdf]

Pankina E. V., Ulianova N. N. Perception of onomatopoeic words by foreign speakers [download pdf]

Turbekova S. A., Sanyarova N. S. Equivalence of emotional and evaluative phrases with the value of the person in the translation of a literary text [download pdf]

Tsertsvadze M. G. Comparative analysis of Russian and Georgian proverbs with an animalistic component [download pdf]

Chubarova E. VUnderstanding of socio-cultural interactions of man and society through the linguistic analysis of political texts [download pdf]




Balashova I. A. The image of Tatiana Larina, the heroine of the A. S. Pushkin's novel "Eugene Onegin" [download pdf]

Dzyubenko А.I., Klimenko O.A. On problem of epithets with positive connation functioning in fictional tragic discourse (based on works by R. Dahl and J. Archer) [download pdf]

Efremova N. V. Author’s rational and logical estimation of its fund of knowledge [download pdf]

Fateeva J. G. The concept of "death" in the professional language picture of the world of a doctor (on a material of fiction) [download pdf]

Plan of the international conferences organized by Universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Czech Republic on the basis of the SPC «Sociosphere» in 2016 

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