Paradigmata poznání. - № 1. - 2015

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Introductory article. Anniversary of the «Paradigm of knowledge»

Theory and Analysis


Historical sciences 


Yamshchikov S. V.  Russian society first quarter of the twentieth century through the prism of socio-cultural paradigm of determinism


Philosophical sciences


Roudenko A.M., Kotlyarova V.V., Shubina M.M. Philosophical analysis of the values influence of the western world in the socio-cultural space of Russia

Tikhanychev O. V. Paradigm formalization reality in the information society


Philological sciences

Afinskaya Z. N. To the question of urban discourse

Bessonova T. M. On the functions of the categories «Time» and «Space» in fictional documentary prose on war

Pyataeva N. V. Principles and methods of dynamic study of complex lexical systems

Bazarbekova D.M. Sentences with the verbs ending on «-cя» as alternative model of verbalization


Pedagogical sciences

Volodin V. N., Yakovlev D. S. The relevance of the individual approach in the process of physical training of cadets of the Military Engineering University

Ovchinnikov Y.L., Sycheva I.N. Innovative component of modern higher education institution: problems of training of specialists


Psychological science



Bryzhinskaya G. V., Hudoykina T. V. The negotiation process: psychological and legal analysis



Social sciences


Haramzin T. G., Algadeva T. M. Aboriginal worldview: tradition and innovation


Empirical and applied research


Technical sciences

Dushanov R. O., Togaev I. K. Selecting the composition warm gossypol concrete mixture with gossypol pitch (by rubber) (tar) (rosin)




Ahramenko G. O. Problems and prospects of development of state and municipal finance

Kuznetsova T. V. Economic growth: the variety of models and approaches

Lavrichenko O. V. Search methods extreme values Choquet integral and its application for preliminary digital processing of stochastic processes in the theory of the economics of the active connect

Khakhalin D.I. Investment attraction Kaluga region


Philological sciences


Dzyubenko A. I., Seredina E. On «Maternity» as one of the basic concepts in female fiction by E. Gilbert

Skripnikova I. Types of thinking: mezony, figment, media

Pashkevich O. I. Refl ection of the national mentality in creativity  of Natalia Harlampeva

Salnikova V. V. Associative field of the lexeme «animals» in child’s linguistic worldview: dynamic aspect


Juridical sciences


Kobets P.N. On the effective use of legal expertise in crime prevention


Pedagogical sciences

Akhmedov M. B. To study of pedagogical peculiarities of the carving outside of classes and schools


Psychological science



Berdin R. D. The study of the dominant coping strategies in adolescents with virtual addiction

Zaruba N. A., Milkova Z. V. The role of psychological diagnosis in high school training at present stage of vocational education development

Yaroslavskaya M. A., Khoroshilova N. V. Sychological features response "disease situation" in comorbidity of chronic epstein-barr virus and schizoaffective disorder



Medical sciences


Ismiyanov V.V., Litvinsev R.D., Zagorodnikov M.V., Novgorodov D.A. Disease research of students and alumni on case managers of logisticians railway university


Social sciences


Garbat M. Social and vocational rehabilitation of the disabled in the system of social policy in Poland


Cultural sciences


Berdnik T.O., Pucheglazov A.Y. The peculiarities of compositional construction of theatrical and everyday costume in the context of their unity and differences

Sayfullaev B. S. Features of dramatic art of the mass dramatized representations



Reviews and comments


Kishlakova N. M. The review on encyclopedic dictionary «Tolerance» by U. R. Kushaev, I. G. Doroshina



Academic Life


Plan of the international conferences organized by Universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Czech Republic on the basis of the SPC «Sociosphere-CZ» (Prague) in 2015

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