Paradigmata poznání. - № 1. - 2016

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From the Editor-in-Chief [download pdf]




Historical Sciences

 Yamshchikov S. V. The paradigmatic conflicts of the historiography of the 1917 revolution in Russia [download pdf]



Emelyanov A. A., Zhigalova Yu. O., Perushkina M. O. Current problems of social and economic development of regional consumer market [download pdf]

Mihurinskaya E. A., Minkin N. S. The role of information society and human capital in the development of the region socially oriented economy [download pdf]

Selyutina L. G., Bondar O. Yu., Magomedragimov M. R. Actual aspects of the integrated approach to urban areas development [download pdf]


Philosophical sciences

Tikhanychev O. V., Tikhanycheva E. O. The interaction of static and dynamic components in models of interaction between ethnic groups [download pdf]


Philological sciences

Zharina O. A., Inyutochkina A. D. On the problem of modern means of construction and modification of the Russian language [download pdf]


Pedagogical sciences

Baklanova N. K., Stepichev P. A. Creative orientation development as a requirement of professional training of a teacher in the XXI century [download pdf]






 Arifhodjayeva M. Marкeting research in innovative development of commercial banks [download pdf]


Philological sciences

Alimukhamedov R. A. About the rhyme of lyric poem from Turkic-Manichaean literary environment [download pdf]

Goncharenko N. V. Suggestive markers of diagnostic strategy in medical discourse [download pdf]

Grudeva E. Field model of the concept осень/autumn in russian and english languages (on association experiment data) [download pdf]

Muminov A. M. The influence of phonetic and derivational structures on the degree of activity of words in the english language [download pdf]

Shusharina G. A. Representation of regional identity in the Nanai proper names [download pdf]

Shymanskaya O. Typological Analysis of Emotion Metaphors in B elarusian and English [download pdf]


Pedagogical sciences

Igebaeva F. A.   Methods of development of creative among students of agrarin university [download pdf]

Emelyanova I. A., Egorova E. E. Speech therapy works to prevent dysg raphia in students of first classes of secondary school   [download pdf]

Konovalova O. V., Karaeva L. V. Education cluster of social partnership in additional educational services of school  [download pdf]

Medvedev P. N., Medvedeva N. V., Barsukov A. S. Use case study technology in youth professionalisation [download pdf]

Moskatova A. K., Kozlov T. M. Children of new times: perspective strategy to get ready for initial sport specialization [download pdf]

Khotimchenko A. V., Byankina L. V., Veretschagin M. V., Vorotilkina I. M. Features of motivation of athletes with lesions of the musculoskeletal system involved in powerlifting [download pdf]

Shekhmirzova A. M., Gribina L. V. Teaching staff of the university as a subject of realization educational process in the competency format (methodological problems) [download pdf]


Social sciences

Andrianova R. A. The risk of social adaptation of migrants in modern Russian society [download pdf]



Shymansky N. Principles of Lines Coordination in the Early Organum [download pdf]



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