Paradigmata poznání. - № 2 - 2019

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Theory and analysis




Jurayev A. T. Being communal is the socio-genetic aspect of human nature 

Kondrateva S. B. The problem of moral philosophy in the ethical concept of Theodor Adorno 

Elmurotov J. Sh. The teaching of John Locke on the laws of social development 




Utemuratov M. A. Development of legal consciousness and legal culture in society – legal basis for building a democratic society (theoretical and legal analysis) 




Parpiyev M. T. Some socio cultural determinants of the formation of personality 




Ortikova N. Democracy and elite: a theoretical analysis


Empirical and applied research




Snegireva L. V. Cellular effects on young adults’ auditory system 

Snegireva L. V. Studies of first-year medical university students internal and external adaptation process criteria




Plahina L. N., Lobov R. A., Elansky V. A. The main deployment models of cloud computing 




Virabyan V. G. Military-political relationship of Armenia with the voluntary army of A. Denikin 

Mamatkasimov Zh. A. Specificity of the Uzbek national holidays 

Fedus D. Life path of the outstanding Ukrainian historian Peter Mikhailovich Dobrovolsky 




Gelashvili N. N. Ways of improvement of business processes in the post and logistic organization in the conditions of the competitive market 




Makhmudov A. Y. The interpretation of “The great silk road” in the works of G. E. Lessing 




Bakieva E. V., Khizbullina R. Z., Mironov M. S. Role of the first forest park in life of the Ufa agglomeration 

Khizbullina R. Z., Baranova K. A., Garayeva Ya. S., Kadyrov R. I. Development of extreme water tourism in the Republic of Bashkortostan 

Khizbullina R. Z., Shilova V. V., Kubagisheva E. Yu., Kutushev A. R. Studying of a water object in the geography lessons (on the example of White river) 

Yaparov I. M., Zaripova L. A., Usmanov A. V. Green zones of the cities of the Republic of Bashkortostan: the current state

and problems of use 




Gataullin R. A. Geological knowledges in school geography of 10–11 classes 

Gataullin R. A. Statistical data of trainings of the darts 

Gataullin R. A., Zaripov R. U. Actuality of elective courses of physical culture 

Kulikova T. I. On the problem of adapting interns in the first year of independent practice 




Juraeva Sh. Similaruty of ecological policy of Uzbekistan and European Union 

Bazhko S. I., Popov I. D. Pledge as a way of securing obligations under the laws of Russia and the Czech Republic 




Amiraslanov M. A. “Black gold” as a subject of art. About the works of artist Jamil Mufidzade on the theme of oil 

Gurbanova S. V. From the history of decoration forms of decorative-applied art of Azerbaijan 

Gasimxanli G. B. Artistic features of caricature of Nadjafgulu Ismailov created for magazine “Hedgehog” 

Madatova G. O. Honored Artist Farman Gulamov’s Portrait Ingenuity through its Artistic Features 

Murvatova A. A. Artistic features of creativity of the national artist of Azerbaijan Khalida Safarova 

Orucova V. G. Artistic peculiarity of monumental and decorative works of Tofig Aghababayev 

Shamsadinskaya M. A. The use of decorative elements in modern ceramics of Azerbaijan

Yanakiyeva E. E. Artistic design features of Azerbaijan string instruments




Jumaev T. Kh. Mutual interests of cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea in educational and cultural spheres 

Zoirova M. N. The process of the formation of public control in Uzbekistan 

Tarasov A. A., Karimov S. F. The algorithm of the work of the lawyer in the stage of checking the report of the crime 

Academic life


Rules for authors 

Plan of the international conferences organized by Universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Czech Republic on the basis of the SPC «Sociosphere» in 2019 

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