Paradigmata poznání. - № 4. - 2018

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Theory and analysis



Sapik M. Philosophy in the Context of the History of Political Philosophy Thought 

Eshchanova N. R. Factors and necessities of national spirituality relations 

Sultanova N. E. Social-philosophical features of love types 

Usmanov M. Sh., Yusupov S. A. Justice is the core idea of reforms in Uzbekistan 




Sorby K. R. Middle East: undesirable consequences of insensitive globalization 

Idirov U. Yu. Strengthening of interrelation between globalization, security and democratic development in the contemporary world 

Bekmuratov I. N. Boundary of compatibility of sociocultural features and democracy in peaceful prosperity and revival of China 

Ishmuradov A. T. Providing spiritual security of the society – as a factor of providing security and stability in Uzbekistan 


Empirical and applied research




Smyshlyaeva M. J. Metrological requirements for the accredited testing laboratories 




Khizbullina R. Z., Adelmurzina I. F., Musina A. N. Studying of the local history of the small homeland by the tourist-recreational map (on the example of Dyurtyulinsky district of the republic of Bashkortostan) 




Nikolova M., Linkova M. Coordinating participant relations in the organization and functioning of regional farmer’s markets in Bulgaria 



Filinova N. P., Kondrateva S. B. Ethics and its importance in shaping the moral character of a law enforcement officer 




Akhundova N. A. Memorial constructions of arran architectural school 

Hajiyeva M. A. New elements and motifs on Azerbaijani carpets created by folk carpet makers 

Khadjiyeva S. Z. Imagery in picturesque compositions of National artist Jalyl Guseynov 

Huseynova N. A. The main features of the arrangement of gravestones of Jalilabad and Lankaran 

Sadigov S. G. Factors of compatibility of urban environment and monumental sculpture of Azerbaijan 

Tutayuk S. J. Structures and color solutions of the ornamental decor compositions in religious architectural monuments 



Saydaliyeva N., Nazirov M. Features of the state youth policy in Uzbekistan 




Razakov A. A. Administration of W. B. Clinton and republican majority in Congress 

Schulz M. The Skripal case: was it a provocation or an attempt to avoid the “Responsibility”? 

Academic life


Rules for authors 

Plan of the international conferences organized by Universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Czech Republic on the basis of the SPC «Sociosphere» in 2018–2019 

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