Paradigmata poznání. - № 4 - 2019

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Kharkavyy A. V., Ashurova K. T. An investigation of silicon dioxide thin films modified with carbon 

Kharkavyy A. V., Ashurova K. T., Luzhaytsev D. A., Malinovskaya V. V. An investigation of niobium pentoxide thin films modified with carbon 

Kasimova S. R., Kasimov E. R. Complete absorption of electromagnetic wave in a two-layer magnetodielectric-metal system 




Tsvetkova G. S., Semenova I. V. Relevance of lean production concept implementation (on the example of Volga Federal District`s regions) 




Amiraslanov M. R. The emergence of lyrical – psychological character in the Azerbaijani drama of the 60s of the XX century 




Snegireva L. V. Study of students’ situational and personal anxiety levels throughout university adaptation process

Burkova L. L., Panesh B. H. Using the experience of folk pedagogy in the competence model of primary school

Konisterova Е. А., Ulitina К. АLearn to learn cooperatively 

Ulitina K.A., Konisterova E.A. The use of active and interactive methods of teaching English for the students of non-linguistic specialities




Abdullaeva U. R. Artistical images in the creativity of Jalal Garyagdi 

Aghayev T. Y. Folk artist, sculptor Arif Gaziyev’s role in Azerbaijani fine art 

Azimova K. Y. Dance Toghroul Narimanbayovs painting

Veliyeva N. F. The literary and historical images in the sculpture works in the people`s artist Salhab Mammadov 

Hajizadeh R. K. Searches for figurative images in Azerbaijan's Sovietera sculpture 

Iskenderli F. A. The emotional power of artistic impression in Kazim Kazimzade's creativity 

Madatova G. O. Still life genre in creative work of Honored artist Farman Gulamov 

Mammadzade N. A. Comparative analysis of zoomorphic images on petroglyphs of Azerbaijan and central Asia age of iron 

Mammadova G. G. The history of the use of sculptures in Baku architecture (1920`s – 1930`s)

Mamedova T. S. Composition of carpet and its relationship with the artistic structure of the interior 

Mamedalieva A. M. Works with historical images from the cycle “Azerbaijan –the country of ancient culture” by Elmira Shakhtakhtinskaya 

Rzayeva N. K. Artistic features of art plastics in the creativity of Elmira Huseynova  

Tutayuk S . J. The special role of calligraphic art in decorative design of Islamic (Muslim) architecture 

Eminbeyli N. A. The role of the historical genre in the Azerbaijani portrait sculpture of the XX century 

Yuzgec F. S. The artists work of group “D” of Turkey 

Yusufov B. R. Plein air portrait Painting 




Pavlenko H. V. Study of indicators of psychological well-being and per-sonal dispositions in the context of uncertainty 




Guliyeva S. S. Methodological potential of culturology and study of art of Azerbaijan 

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