Sociosphere. – № 1. – 2014

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Lishchuk-Torchynska T. P. Features and srtuctural components of argumentations in hisrorical narrative

Ivanova O. V. The essential characteristics of social harmony

Berdikulova S. A. On the relationship of social norms and social control

Butenko N. A. On the problem of criteria of differentiation of ethnic, national and civilizational identity

Tursunkulova Sh. T. Philosophical problems of women’s social activity today

Averyanova N. N. Artistic elite: criteria of the elitist status



Ponomarenko E. V. The architecture of the old faith of the monasteries of the southern Urals

Kungurov A. W. Project creation process arrangements of keyboard synthesizer

Vlasenko L. V. Talent does not have sex. Women authoress and poetess of Russia of the fi rst half of XIX century

Karabayev S. Yu. Nationalism in poetry of ameer hamza shinwari

Romanenko О. V. The artistic interpretation of pinkerton`s of motives in the literary hoax of Mike Yogansen

Dzyubenko A. I., Serdyukova A. A. On some intertextuality aspects of the fi ction by Ch. Bukowski and H. Thompson

Bahriddinova D. Expression of national liberation consciousness in the image of indian rebel in the poem of Erkin Vohidova «Revolt of spirits»

Noskova A. I. Concerning the prefi xation in the venezuelan national variant of the spanish language

Erkibaeva G., Meyirbekov A., Dossanov N. Reasons of kazakhstan’s transition to latin alphabet

Kochesokova M. P. Infl uence jf native language in teaching pronunciation (evidence from Arab students)



Yuldosheva E. R. Slavs peoples antient religious beliefs

Chuprunova E. F. Particulars of slavonic’s psychology

Kohansal H., Soltanian A., Deylami T. Z. A review on the rites and traditions of the Dailamites during the realm of the Buyid Dynasty (933–1055 AD)

Bakovetskaya O. A. Administrative-territorial division of the roman-catholic church in Ukraine (XIX Century)

Pavlov Yu. A. The great wars in Europe and the generals destinies: some remarks

Gartvig B. V. National education in the USSR for example of the Volga germans  

Sagan G. V. Role of ukrainian social organizations in reestablishing relationsin culture sphere between Ukraine and Yugoslavia (50s – beg. 70s of ХХ century)



Lubimova D. Life scenarios of single mothers in soviet and modern Russian cinema

Nikiforov A. I.  Motivation of carriers of administrative functions as key core of innovative development of the school organization

Bayanova M. B. Professional activity motivation as an establishing factor of civil servants’ professional responsibility

Khairullina N. G. Social and political situation: assessment, setting trends

Shcherbakov G. A. Socio-political conditions of life in the tyumen region

Kuptsova O. V. Notariate as the subject of the legal aid in the Russian Federation

Vishutkina D. S.  Equipment of legal consultation  



Polischuk A. Political entrepreneurs: political anthropology and historical sociology perspective

Volkov G. Y. The state ideology, as a condition of preservation of national competitiveness in conditions of globalization

Kapinus L., Konoshenko L. United Arab Emirates is a country and a brand

Kaminchenko D. I. «New» media technologies and peculiarities of mass culture



Tuchena O. R. Еthno-cultural identity: subject-existentlal apprjach

Turabaeva M. B., Akmaganbetova A. S. Infl uence the internet on development of society

Badaev Y. L. The use of elements of quantum mechanics in the study and description of the features of interpersonal communication

Aliferenko E. V. Psychological peculiarities of formation of system of values through the prism of change of values of generations

Kanibolockaja (Dergach) М. Specifi city of an attitude to health of young people with low and higheconomic status

Moskvicheva N. L. Research activity in students’ representations

Bryukhova N. G., Malakhova Y. A. Psychological peculiarities of the development of empathy caregivers

Erymovskaya O. A. Empathy profi le personality of the teacher of the secondary educational institutions

Bryukhova N. G., Artemeva E. V. Psychological peculiarities of the development of fl exibility in communication teachers

Bryukhova N. G., Taldykin E. V. Psychological peculiarities of the development of the managerial abilities of school administration

Bryukhova N. G., Sytenky N. O. Psychological peculiarities of the development of teamwork abilitybeginners football

Bryukhova N. G., Shiryaeva Е. V. Psychological aspects of personal responsibility

Buravtsova N. V., Dmitrieva N. V.  Development of personal charisma through social-psychological training

Malakhova S. A. Specifi c character of psychological counseling of teenagers with deviant activities



Vvedensky V. N. Synergetic approach in science and education

Vvedensky V. N. The cluster approach in science and education

Vozchikov V. A. Real pedagogy in the aspiration to perfect

Kunpeis J. The role of religion in moral education

Ayzenbart M. М. Development of social and communicative competence of senior preschool children through role-playing

Akutina S. P. Projecting of the successful cooperation between the family and the schoolin realizing FGOS

Beysekova R. T., Omarova G. A., Munashova Zh. B. Newest technology social teaching humaitarian disciplines in high school

Fomin M. M., Chiryaev A. N. Education language in the context of socio-psycholinguistic approach

Goncharenko N. V. Information technology in teaching listening to those who study russianas a foreign language

Zharbulova S. T. Visual method to binary employment russian language of professional

Myroshnychenko N. A., Shtelmakh O. V. Alternative approaches to the construction of foreign language classes of a technical orientation

Sasina O. V., Slesarenko O. N. The motivation of students’ effective self-work at the english practical classes at a higher educational institution

Gerlyand T. N. Professional orientation of person in the comprehensive training agricultural vocational technical schools ukraine: basic principles and conditions

Le Thang N. Using crocodile physics software to design virtual experiments in physics teaching at schools (Vietnam)

Kenzhetayev S. A. Organization of practical training for apprenticeship training

Krapivka S. V. System of automation for the control of students knowledge within of the module-rating approach

Shadid U. I., Rozhkov V. A. Research work of the students of engineering specialities at the regional university

Smagina O. The system of providing of scientifi c-pedagogical activity of university chair by means of information and communication technologies

Lakshin A. A.  Scientifi c and pedagogical approach to the study of pedagogical profession

Asylbekova M. P. Vocational training of future preschool teacher in higher education institution

Kuergacheva A. U., Kozyreva O. A. The case-models and content-analysis at base professional knowledge discipline by teachers of athletics

Kozlov V. S., Kozyreva O. A., Shvartskopf E. U. The approbation a same case-models of a forming self-development living activities culture of a teachers of athletics

Maksimchuk A. G., Studenikina S. A., Kozyreva O. A.  The same case-models of self-realization by teachers of athletics at same base-type disciplines of athletics

Klimchuk S. V. Model of forming of professional speech of future social pedagogues

Blyalina S. V., Pavlova M. A. Pedagogical communication and the development of personal and professional qualities of a teacher

Zaglodina T. A., Pankratova L. E. Coping-competence of the teacher as a psychological and pedagogical condition of implementation of inclusive education

Blyalina S. V., Klemina T. V. Development of creative abilities of the individual teacher

Dubrovina І. V. Self-education activities a music teacher as a condition of professional development



Razenkova N. Use of problem and smart developing technologies in foreign language training of futurefi nanciers and economists



Sartini T. V. Socialization of the individual student in the works headteachers



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