Sociosphere. – № 1. – 2017

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From the editor-in-chief [скачать pdf]




Dzhakishev A. U. Migration processes in Kyrgyzstan in modern and contemporary times [скачать pdf]

Saidboboev Z. A. Russian historical-geographic and cartographic sources about Central Asia (first half of XIX century) [скачать pdf]




Galaktionova N. V. Online store: accounting and tax accounting [скачать pdf]

Kazanskaya I. V., Yamshchikov S. V. A. V. Anikin as a historian of economics and economic doctrines [скачать pdf]




Butenko N. A. About the social nature of knowledge [скачать pdf]

Kulikova I. M. The mythological model of the world of Vladimir Shestalov [скачать pdf]




Afinskaya Z. N. Regionalism: a cognitive-discursive peculiarities of the term [скачать pdf]

Yeghiazaryan G. V. Тhe problem of national identity in storyteller by Jodi Picoult [скачать pdf]

Rustamiy S. A. «BALAAG’AT» as a lingvostilistik science [скачать pdf]

Saydazimova U. T. The poetic’s of Korean prose in XVII–XVIII centures and fuature of its genre’s form [скачать pdf]

Dzyubenko A. I., Tamrazova L. D. Immobility as one of key images in fiction by S. Townsend [скачать pdf]

Yuldoshev U. R. The usage of stylistic devices: metaphor, metonymy, hyperbole in Uzbek and English humorous texts [скачать pdf]




Ruzieva D. I. Professionalism of the teacher in the conditions of retraining and improving the qualification of pedagogical staff [скачать pdf]

Baeva D. C. A study on the effectiveness of educational interactive multimedia integration in the process of foreign language teaching [скачать pdf]




Boychenko K. Implementation of interactive environment for recovery and rehabilitation [скачать pdf]




Shcherbatykh Y.V. Check the validity of the projective test of aggression (for example, the test "drawing a nonexistent animal") [скачать pdf]


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