Sociosphere. – № 1. – 2018

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From the editor-in-chief [download pdf]




Chernukha V. V., Tymoshenko G. A. Home education of noblewomen in the first half of the XIX century  [download pdf]

Chernukha V. V., Tymoshenko G. A. Russia and its rulers in the works of A. S. Pushkin  [download pdf]




Tszintszyan Ts. The main stages and directions of the project "economic belt of the Silk Road"  [download pdf]

Peng Zh. The modern energy dialogue between SOC member states in the field of oil and gas  [download pdf]




Butenko N. A. Influence of social networks on consciousness of youth  [download pdf]

Kulikova I. M. Historical time in philosophy of G. Rayshev  [download pdf]

Yusubov J. K. Harmonious representation of Abu Nasr Farabi about philosophy, religon and spiritualty  [download pdf]




Khanjani L. A comparative analysis of demand and request modalities of expression in Persian and Russian languages  [download pdf]

Shamina N. V. On linguistic topology as one of the features of scientific communication  [download pdf]




Burnasheva E. P. Optimization of the system of the professional training of personnel in the conditions of small city  [download pdf]

Buyanova E. V. Some peculiarities of practical using a problem-solving method in the system of foreign language communication  [download pdf]

Kozinskaya O. Yu. Method of development of cognitive activity at lessons of music in the general education school  [download pdf]

Podkhomutnikova T. V. The final test for class 5 by J. Vaulina  [download pdf]

Letkina N. V. The organization of foreign language teaching in the university in accordance with language proficiency  [download pdf]




Salmorbekova R. B. Public services during the transformation of Kyrgyz society  [download pdf]


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Plan of international conferences held by the universities of Russia,  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Czech Republic on the basis of Vědecko vydavatelské centrum «Sociosféra-CZ» in 2018 

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