Sociosphere. – № 1. – 2019

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Vasilenko V. G., Tyutyunnikova E. B., Arushanyan Zh. A. Revisiting the mortality from measles in pre-revolutionary Armavir 

Orifdjanova G. R. History of ethnographic collections of Uzbekistan 

Sagdiev Kh. Attitudes towards dogma issues at the time of the companions 

Kholliev A. G. The development of economic relations of Russia with European countries and the USA in the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century 




Abdullaeva Z. I. Computerization of hotel business and development of internet communications 



Antipov M. A. Language and society: constructivist interpretation 

Ivanov E. M. Is God Transcendental? 

Kushaev U. R. Religious culture in the secular society 

Niyazimbetov M. K. Complexity and the system thinking 

Oganov А. А. Self-constructing choice of culture 

Aytboyev M. Yu. Social-philosophical analysis of democracy and democratic development 

Mustafaeva M. G., Kamalova O. N., Kamalov A. V. To the question of the highest forms of cognitive activity in German idealism of the XIX century




Nasirdinova Y. A. The problems of reproduction the poetic rhythm of Uzbek epic monuments while translation into French (based on the translation of the Uzbek folk poem “Nurali” into French)




Zhivoglyad A. O., Fisun A. V. To the question of the reform of judicial representation in the civil process 



Khlebnikov A. S., Lopatinskaya O. S. The role of the teacher in overcoming conflicts between adolescent class-mates in a multicultural environment of an educational institution 

Mai Van Trinh, Le Minh Thanh Chau. Establishment and development of practical skills for pedagogical students of physics in the credit coursesystem at university

Nguyen Thi Ut Sau, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen. Academic counseling skill of lecturers – advisors in Vietnamese universities 

Phung Quang Duong, Phan Quoc Lam. Role of professional elementary school manager 




Smolina T. L., Gromkiy I. S. Experimentation in Social Sciences: Possibilities and Limitations 




Kuramaev B. Child labor as a social problem of the Kyrgyzstan’s society 

Kuramaev B. Factors that reduce social tensions 

Usmanov M. Sh. On the role and influence of religious values on the processes of civil society formation 

Fomina E. E. The use of correspondence analysis in sociological research 

Fedotkina G. N. The current state of differentiation of the Russian society, income and wealth 

Zhukovets O. Yu., Grekov I. M. Topical issues of studying of expansion of new religious movements in modern Russia 



Tulenova G. J., Sagdullaeva D. Sh. Features of political reformation of the Republic of Uzbekistan 

Salmoorbekov E. Management of national relations as the implementation of public policy 




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Plan of international conferences held by the universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Czech Republic on the basis of Vědecko vydavatelské centrum «Sociosféra-CZ» in 2019 

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