Sociosphere. – № 1. – 2020

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Chernova T. A. On the theoretical and methodological basis of the study of Russian-Bashkir relations in the mid-XVI – mid-XVIII centuries 



Zenin I. R. ECB's policies on ensuring financial stability in the euro area 

Zenin M. R. Economic nature of current assets 

Umarova D. M. Advantages of implementing the quality management system at enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan




Ivanov E. M. The problem of immortality in the context of transhumanism 

Kushaev U. R. Philosophical analysis of the essence of religion phenomenon (1st part) 

Sagdiev Kh. Interpretation of religious terms in propaganda of radical-extremist groups 

Siddikov N. N. Social responsibility of young owners in the field of medium and small business 

Nurtulashev M. J. Globalization as a self-organising system 

Usarova F. ХCulture of philosophy, tolerance and peace in the works of Ahmad Donish 




Korovin N.K., Rogozina A. S., Krikunova E. O. Value of the criminalistic characteristic in the in-vestigation of human steps 




Mikhailyukova K. F., Regel E. V. Interaction between teacher and the students at the lesson as the basis for effective learning 

Murovanaya N. N., Bezhanova N. L. Model of practically-oriented training of future teachers of initial classes within the WorldSkillsRussia requirements: structure, component functions 

Papikyan A. V. The methodology of using linguodidactic means in teaching a foreign language in preparing linguistic students for intercultural communicative competence 

Ratmanova S. B. The priority of cultural and educational technologies in the socio-cultural character of the modern era 

Yagupova M. N. Social and pedagogical support for children in difficult situations 

Dzyubenko A. I., Lysenko E. A. Fictional discourse at the high school lessons 




Burmistrova M. V. Analysis of patients with acute cerebral circulation disorders 

Vasilenko V. G. Child drip infections in the structure of child mortality in pre-revolutionary Аrmavir 

Kechemaykina M. I. The problem of perinatal mortality in the context of the modern demographic situation (by the example of the Republic of Mordovia) 

Maltseva Yu. V. Mortality by causes of death in 2017–2019 in the Republic of Mordovia 

Pankova A. A. Application of statistical analysis to determine the structure of mortality caused by excessive alcohol consumption in the Russian Federation 

Parshina A. Yu. Determining the structure of maternal mortality in the Russian Federation using statistical analysis 

Potapov A.V. Anaphylactic shock as a complication of anesthesia: frequency of development, outcomes and prevention 

Strelchenko Yu. M. Primary disability in the Republic of Mordovia for the period from 2013 to 2018: analysis of trends and patterns 

Shtyrov E. M. Influence of mass media on awareness of people on potentially dangerous infections (in terms of coronavirus infection 2019 –nCoV) 

Shchukina Iu. G. Structure of the incidence of malignant neoplasms in the population of the Republic of Mordovia 

Balykova L. A., Selezneva N. M., Semeleva E. V. Health-saving component of the education system




Kokoeva R. T., Chertkoeva D. Adolescent deviance and its refraction in family interactions 

Smolina T. L., Gromkiy I. S. The repression of sexuality and scapegoat theory: the experience of ‘Otherness’  




Kulinich O. A. Internet-meme and mediadiscourse of presedential elections: USA-2016 and RUSSIA-2018 

Falaleev M. A., Sitdikova N. A. State duma’s elections of the 8-th convocation. Forecast of political system’s stability 

Yusubov J. K., Musaev O. R., Jamalova N. U. The role of qualified staff of state departments in increasing of state governance effectiveness 


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