Sociosphere. – № 2. – 2014

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From the Editor-in-Chief 



Philosophy. Religion. Culturology


Ivanov E. M.Criticism of naturalistic approaches to the solution of the mind-body problem 

Agayeva Z. B. The information-communication technologies is one of the reason of several socially problems of the XXIth century 

Yarush M. V. Personality in the values of information society 

Pirmatov D. S.Ancient religions of Near East 

Kushaev U. R.The place of hadiths in the development of social tolerance (on example of good neighborly relations hadiths) 

Movsumova L. J.The socially-political views of offi cial muslim»s clergy of Azerbaijan in the fi rst years of the formation sovereignty of Azerbaijan Republic (1991–2001) 

Artsibasheva T. N. Ortodoxy and ortodox consciousness in post-soviet Russia 

Khaydarova N. Kh.Symptoms of culture and interethnic tolerance 



Vorobieva E. Y. Motivation of colors terms in the french semantics  

Barazbekova D. M.Toponymy of Zhezkazgan-Ulytau region 

Kovaleva M.The process of establishment of english lexicography of fi rst names 

Islamov Z. M.«Gold necklace» and its infl uence on the literature of oriental peoples 

Kulikova I. M.Refraction cultural traditions middle East in Russian poetic practice 

Chang J. C.Metaphorization of the thematic group «Food» in Russian (cognitive aspects) 

Amiri M. A., Madayeni A. A.Realities in russian and persian proverbs ans sayings 

Gholami H., Golandam A. K. Application of russian-persian training dictionaries absolutesynonyms in teaching students 

Kapura O. N. Literature and folklore: the Рaradigms of Interaction 

Yaremchuk V. V.Christian romanticism phenomenon in the english literature of the fi rst half of the 20th century 

Karabayev S. Y. Journalism of pashtoons in the territory of Pakistan in the fi rst half of the XXth century 


Psychology. Medicine

Siniukova E. M., Sinyukova T. I. Different approaches to the question of the psychological phenomenon «Consciousness»  

Pankratova L. E. Socio-cultural analysis of the phenomenon of death in the context of children’s subculture

Zelenkova I. V.Isotherapy in work with deviant teenagers 

Svirin D. V.The idea of militant good 

Erymovskaya O. A. Creativity in the creative activity of the teacher 

Polunina T. S., Gagarina M. A.Motivation of foreign students studying English in the USA

Lieb I. I.Comparative analysis of the psychological characteristics of women at different stages of a career path 123

Sokyrzhynskaya O. O.Relation of mental state and features of perception of time athletes in the competitive activity 

Kuluspaev E. S., Tuleutaev T. B., Karibaeva A. E., Alpischeva S. V., Buhanchenko A. G. Diagnostic value of troponin T in patients with multiple organ failure syndrome 




Andrianova R. А.Mode of life of children and youth 

Furtaeva E. I.Questions of humanization of modern education 

Le Thi Thu B.Quality of private nursery school in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam – actual state, social issues and management solutions 

Yemelyanova L. A., Romanova O. N.Improvisation in prevention of problem development of the teenager 

Babenkova E., Parhomenko R. Monitoring in the new conditions of the modern school – one of the factors increasing the quality of education 

Holopova L. A. Samoupravlechesky activity in educational system of humanistic type

Rodina V. N. The peculiarities of developing students’ creativity in modern university 

Vlasov D. A. Setting goals in mathematics education system of bachelor

Hritziv V. B.Teaching of the professional and ethical competence in future banking specialists in the study of humanities 

Gholamy H., Eskandary M. Infl uence of literary text on quality of teaching Russian language Iranian students 

Huynh T. P., Tran T. T. N.Some theories and realities of the current professional education in Vietnam 

Atlasova S. S. Technical education of Yakutia in the soviet time  

Kozyreva O. A., Stroyikina L. V., Dorkin D. S. The peculiarities of determination of category «pedagogical management» of resources determine the conditions of pedagogical interaction of a future teacher of physical culture

Petuhova N. A., Bokareva K. A. Features of visualization and determination of pedagogic interaction in the structure of teacher training of physical culture 




Tikhanychev O. V. On account of interstate borders in modeling interethnic interaction 

Pivovarova I. V., Rodina V. N. Healthy lifestyle as a factor for reproduction of population 

Khamatkhanova M. A. On the question of the signifi cance of migration for economic development of the modern state (for example of Spain) 

Ushakova N. B.Employment as the most important element of labour relations 

Khairullina N. G.The activities of bailiffs: dynamics of public opinion  


Political science and Law


Grishin О. Е., Belyaeva V. P., Mikitenko O. E.Innovative information and communication technologies reputational capital formation of the state 

Nazarenkova N. V. Organization of executive power in the russian federation, the problem of «dual subordination» of executive authorities in the subjects of Federation

Byshov D. V., Turshatova A. E.The state-legal regulation of equity construction 

Pilipenko L. M., Shefer A. V.The problem of legalization of same-sex marriages 

Karimova D. R.Guarantees the protection of children’s rights in the Republic of Uzbekistan 

Kobets P. N.On preventing juvenile delinquency from school, family and community

Markova T. Y. Problems proceedings juvenile defendants involving

Uyrkevich M. A.Problems of educator’s (psychologist’s) participation in the criminal proceedings with non-adults 

Kuptsova O. V.Corporate act or local act? 

Simakova D. V. Normative-legal maintenance to work with reserve personnel 

Soloveva M. S. Legal basis failure of the applicant in employment in personnel selection 

Svintsitskaya I. V.Dismissal of staff: institutional and legal mechanisms 


Economy. Management. Statistics


Gogoleva M. A., Lanina E. I. Good marketing as a guarantee of sales profit 

Verkhovtseva O. N.Fusion-marketing tool as new marketing communications 

Korokoshko U. V., Admakina M. P. Lending to energy saving projects as a perspective direction in the banking of marketing 

Korokoshko U. V., Dmitrieva M. A.Energy saving lighting in merchandising of pharmaceutical industry 

Galiullina D. R. Biometric documents: value in society

Sultanova E. R., Mannapova A. R. Documentation support for appointment pensions in the context of social security of citizens 

Zhelezniakova J. E., Khabirova P. N.Confi dential documents in the activities of the polygraph specialist

Fayzetdinova Y. T. Effective use of time for example clerk of higher education institutions 

Popova V. I.Problems of assessment and attestation of staff 

Uvarova A. S.Effective payment system as a factor of employees' motivating  

Kachalova G. A.Primary skills of work with the program Statsoft Statistica – procedure Descriptive Statistics 




Abrosimova N. V. Examination cards and literature for discipline «Social science» for students’ vocational training

Zharbulova S. T. Didactic material from a textbook on employments on professional russian to language in Kazakh audience  




Plan of the international conferences organized by Universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Iran, Kazakhstan, Poland, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Czech Republic on the basis of the SPC «Sociosphere» in 2014 

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