Sociosphere. – № 2. – 2015

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From the editor-in-chief [download pdf]



Batyrkaev R. R., Panachev V. D., Morozov A. P., Fazleev M. T. Analiz ambiences on occupation of the physical culture in estimation studentin [download pdf]



Bekmirzaev I. Bekmirzaev I. Features of offi ce in the institutions of the qadi Maveraunnahra [download pdf]

Ivanov A. A. Ivanov A. A. Ekaterina Breshkovskaya: the siberian period of the biography (on little-known materials). Part 1 [download pdf]

Sagdiev K. Sincere attitude to the ruler in Islam [download pdf]



Platonova S. I.  The concept «social knowledge» as an subject of philosophical discourse [download pdf]

Tyurina T. A., Basilaia M. A. Way to noosphere in the course of natural sciences evolution [download pdf]



Andreeva A. А., Vasilieva A. A. Structural and semantic characteristics of Chinese ergonyms in terms of the names of women’s clothing stores [download pdf]

Borisova Y. B., Vasilieva A. A. The semantic of modern Chinese given nameshinese given names [download pdf]

Vasilieva А. A. The structure of Chinese advertising sloganhinese advertising slogan [download pdf]

Dzyubenko A. I. Male epistolary discourse: pragmatic perspective [download pdf]

Kalimova Zh. U. Phraseological activity of nouns in Modern English [download pdf]

Kulachikova A. А. Diachronic aspect of the lexical and stylistic features of kigo in Japanese haikuin Japanese haiku  [download pdf]

Kulikova I. M.  Artistic realization of the theme of war in modern regional prose Ugry [download pdf]

Logacheva M. I. sSome characteristics of English phraseological antonyms  [download pdf]

Nikolaeva T. N. The gender perspective of  Yakut interjections [download pdf]

Topka L. V.  Linguistic markedness of the speaker’s social status in different types of language[download pdf]



Aleksandrova L. M. Development of creative independence in primary school for the arts lessons during the pedagogical practices [download pdf]

Asyllbekova M. P., Abibulayeva A. B. Application of innovative technologies in training of future specialists to work with orphans  [download pdf]

Zhivaeva L. N., Naumova N. I., Kondalova T. A. Project tasks in primary school based on children’s folklore material [download pdf]

Barashkina S. B., Naumova N. I., Tihonova N. B. Science day in primary school [download pdf]

Bobrova L. V. Kvalimetricheskoj methods educational management [download pdf]

Zharbulova S. T., Taiman S. T. A new approach in organization of group work on employment of practical Russian language in the Kazakh audience [download pdf]

Ismailova G. K., Khassenova K. E., Каbdylmanova L. Т. Innovative forms of learner control [download pdf]

Kucher T. P., Korchevsky V. E. Features of the construction of mathematical tasks with a focus on international PISA studyon international [download pdf]

Petrova G. A., Rura E. G., Efimova O. V., Duchko A. N., Podberesina E. I. Topic-related creative writing as a means of forming foreign language productive skills [download pdf]

Redchenko N. N. Functions of interdisciplinary learning a foreign language [download pdf]



Potiavina V. V., Moskvicheva N. L. Personal resources of occupational career of doctors, who teach at higher school [download pdf]

Stoyanova S. K. Social and psychological dimensions of the leadership phenomenon in managementin  [download pdf]



Abramkina М. О.  Sociological analysis of absenteeism of  Moscow residents in the mayoral election in Moscow in 2013 [download pdf]

Chalenko A. V. Housing for the modern Russian young family as an actual social problem [download pdf]



Alimova N. M. Modern tendencies of transformation of geopolitical situation in middle east and in other regions of in middle east and in other regions of Islamic world  [download pdf]



Mukhamedjanova S. I.  Transformation of styles and directions fi ne arts in the graphic design of advertising (on the example of outdoor advertising of Uzbekistan) [download pdf]

Sarajeva L. P. Musical folklore in the aspect of the specifi city of cultural genesis of the Belgorod region [download pdf]



Basyrova S. G. Russian historical science in the fi rst half of the 1990s: general trends of development [download pdf]

Belyaeva V. P. Summary of the working training modules «Latest trends and directions of contemporary political science» [download pdf]

Chulkova E. N. The development of rhetorical competence of cadets of the highest military institutions. Methodical development on discipline «Russian language and the standard of speech» [download pdf]



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