Sociosphere. – № 2. – 2017

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From the editor-in-chief [скачать pdf]




Galaktionova N. V. The vehicles in the organization: questions of accounting and taxation [скачать pdf]




Butenko N. A. Transformation of a family as social institute [скачать pdf]

Denisova T. Y. Time as an experience of the soul according to Aurelius Augustine [скачать pdf]

Kulikova I. M. Symbolic number in cosmology K. Pankov [скачать pdf]

Nesterova O. U. Freedom of choice as the basis of creativity in the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas [скачать pdf]

Tikhanychev O. V., Tikhanycheva E. O. Problems of the use of dangerous technologies in the modern world [скачать pdf]

Ruzmatova G. M. The East and the West: comparative analysis of human’s spiritual perfection [скачать pdf]




Rufova E. S. Lingua-pragmatic aspects of titles Japanese TV program [скачать pdf]

Sotiboldieva S. The issue of chronotope in the novel “The last King” by Muhammad Kazim Mazinoniy [скачать pdf]

Vasileva A. A., Chekhorduna V. P. Translation methods of realias from Chinese language into Russian (evidence from the film “My memories of old beijing”) [скачать pdf]




Byshov D. V., Vlasenko N. S. Features of the legal field of advertising activities [скачать pdf]




Borodinа O. V. Teacher's technique and mastery of teachers in Russian classical literature [скачать pdf]

Guryanova S. Yu. The program of the elective course on financial literacy "Finance: simply about complex" [скачать pdf]

Thanh Th. V. Some solutions to improve qualification of the head of department at Vietnamese university [скачать pdf]

Hien L.Th.Th., Huong D. Th. Evaluation  criteria development for outcome standards of early childhood education in Vietnam – a case study [скачать pdf]




Burenin R. A. Ecological aspects of the use of herbicides in sows of corn  [скачать pdf]


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