Sociosphere. – № 2. – 2018

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Byshova V. S., Byshov D. V. Meshcher people: features of ethnoculture [download pdf]

Krivchik G. G. Principal general research methods in historical sciences  [download pdf]




Plahina L. N., Lobov R. A., Yakunina K. M. Analysis of the system of personnel adaptation in joint stock company «Russian telephone company»  [download pdf]

Ozova S. A. Pricing mechanism on-line  [download pdf]




Butenko N. A. Problem of cross-disciplinary interaction in the social theory  [download pdf]

Denisova T. Yu. An image of cyclic time in the Greek philosophy of nature  [download pdf]

Denisova T. Yu. Spontaneous intuitions of time in the commonplace notions  [download pdf]

Ivanov E. M. About identity of the «Self» in time  [download pdf]

Kondrateva S. B. N. O. Lossky's "Ethics of Goodness"  [download pdf]

Kulikova I. M. Relationship of categories "material" and "ideal" in artistic art as a way of knowledge of being  [download pdf]




Abramov V. E., Logacheva M. I. Hypero-hyponymic relations in English phraseological stock  [download pdf]

Vasilieva A. A., Antipina S. A. Structural features of modern Chinese slogans  [download pdf]

Ivanova A. V., Vasil'ev A. The strategies in modern Korean and English economic caricatures about Russian ruble  [download pdf]

Kuzmich N. V. Anthropomorphism as an artistic dominant   [download pdf]

Ordakhova T. V., Kochetkova A. A. Translation transformations in Chinese feature films (on the example of the film «Confucius» 2010 year)  [download pdf]

Taslimi A., Khazaei S. Comparison of some Iranian and Russian mythical characters  [download pdf]

Danielyan T. Linguistic Expertise (LE) of the article “Phantom Menace” by The New York Times  [download pdf]

Salikhova E. A., Iskuzina N. G. Mechanisms of bilingual communication  [download pdf]




Byshov D. V.,  BylininaO. A.,  Biteykina E. A. Legal features of contracts for the performance of research, development and technological work  [download pdf]

Shamne A. N. Comparative legal characteristics of the search and its proceedings in Russian and German criminal practice  [download pdf]




Golovneva N. A., Lazareva A. N. Main features of the federal state educational standard of primary general education  [download pdf]

Kuznetsova N. V. The possibility of application of the theory of G. Altshuller in vocational training management  [download pdf]

Makarova I. A., Bogdanova E. A. Technology of social and pedagogical support of minors in a difficult life situation in the conditions of an educational institution [download pdf]

Medvedeva L., Ananev T. Influence of modern internet technology to the work with youth  [download pdf]

Sargsyan P. Application of technologies for full mastering of knowledge in the context of inclusive education  [download pdf]

Le T. L. Developing integrated teaching skills for junior high school teachers of the northern mountainous region of Vietnam  [download pdf]

Tran Th. M. H., Khanthaly S. Organizing playing activities for 5–6 year old children at nursery schools of peck district, Xieng Khoang province, Lao PDR [download pdf]

Dang Thi T. H. The awareness and attitudes of Sai Gon University lecturers on the project-based learning  [download pdf]

Phan T. N., Le M. N., Nguyen T. H., Vu T. H. Designing lessons for natural science subject in the secondary school using experiential method  [download pdf]

Khalezova L. V. All is fish that comes to his net or how to use any ted lecture for “warming up”  [download pdf]




Andronova M. MBackground music in the workplace: help or obstacle  [download pdf]

Zvonova E. V., Lobanova O. N. Peculiarities of the banner advertising perception of the missile audience  [download pdf]

Khetagov V. K. Method of progressive relaxation in psychological rehabilitation of the athlete  [download pdf]




Bormotova T. M. Management of migration processes in Russia: the issues of improving  [download pdf]

Kokoeva R. T. Religious tolerance in the modern world  [download pdf]

Kongaitieva G. A. The main policy directions of the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia  [download pdf]

Tabakova V. I. Devient behavior of youth  [download pdf]

Usova L. V., Lopanova E. V. The dependence of modern society from a mobile phone  [download pdf]

Fomina E. E. Preparation and analysis of the survey results with the application of mathematical methods  [download pdf]


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