Sociosphere. – № 2. – 2019

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Abuyev H. O. Social situation of Uzbekistan in the second half of the 80s of the XX century 

Makhsudov D. The development of tafir science and the activities of Mufassiers in the middle ages in Maverannahra 




Volkov G. Y. Prospects of development of shipbuilding in Russia, given the sanctions policy 

Zenin I. R. Dispute resolution procedure in the WTO: Russia’s experience 

Tarasova V. I. Theoretical aspects of the assessment of audit risk when conducting a tax audit 



Kulikova I. M. Ontological status of historical time in the legacy of P. S. Bakhlykov 

Ravshanova M. M. The essence and content of "Identity" and "National identity" in the context of globalization processes




Novikova K. D., Vasilieva A. A. Semantic classification of interjections in Chinese language (on the material of films) 

Shuvalov I. F. Microtopony of Russian settlements in the Neverkinsky district of the Penza region 

Yuzhaninova S. A., Boduleva A. R. English Slang in the Russian Youth Community 

Mahmudov A. Interpretation of humanistic ideas in the drama "Nathan the wise" 




Byshov D. V., Dorofeeva Yu. A. Legal education and social activity of the population (according to a survey of students of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biology)

Byshov D. V., Issa D. A. Legal basis for dealing with genetically modified organisms 

Byshov D. V., Lisinа O. N., Kolistratova E. V., Tsyganova V. A. Legal basis of cloning 

Shamne A. N. Exceeding limits of necessary defence: comparative and legal aspects (on the material of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and Criminal Code

of Germany) 




Akulova K. Yu., Filonyuk P. A. Physical education of university students with a low level of development of speed-strength qualities and endurance by means of light athletics 

Chernukha V. V., Tymoshenko G. А. Fraternal schools in the XVIII Century in Western Ukraine and Western Belarus 

Chernukha V. V., Tymoshenko G. А. Education and training in Kievan Rus X–XIII centuries 

Dzyubenko A. I., Shukurova L. A. On teaching the subjunctive mood forms in Russian high school: from the experience of a teacher 

Nguyen Dac Thanh, Le Thi Thuong Thuong. Organizational capacity of experiential activities of students in the Ho Chi Minh University

of education in Vietnam

Nguyen Vu Tien, Tran Thi Huong. Relationship among state agencies in current Vietnamese social management 

Tran Thi Minh Hue. Some theoretical issues on organization of experimental experience for students at elementary school 

Tran Thi Minh Hue. Pre-school education of children via organization of experiential activities




Akulova K. Yu., Plakhova A. V. Analysis of the peculiarities of the flow of psychological processes during physical development and physical improvement 

Kulagina I. V. A study of the determinants of self-assessment of psychological adaptability 

Nikolaeva A. A., Pavlova T. S. Computer addiction in children and adolescents 

Khlebnikov A. S., Kholina A. I. The training of the memory in art by Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran




Bedelbaeva A. Z. Bologna process and problems in the higher education system of Kyrgyzstan 

Yamshchikov S. V., Kravchenko A. L. Social phenomenon of freelancing




Berdikulov S. N. Elections – democratic institute developing multi-party system 

Nugmanova R. I. About the activities of the public chamber of the Russian Federation


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Plan of international conferences held by the universities of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Czech Republic on the basis of Vědecko vydavatelské centrum «Sociosféra-CZ» in 2019 

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