Sociosphere. – № 2. – 2020

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Setin A. N. The phenomenon of internal migration and its role in the development of the Far East 



Tarabakina L. V., Zvonova E. V., Neretina N. A., Pestereva N. A. Design thinking technology in motivation training of employees of the sales department in the period of economic crisis


Kuznetsova N. V. Business communications in the management system of a small business enterprise 


Tran Thi Huong, Ha Anh Tuan. Developing the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam today



Sagdiev Kh. Quran and Attribute of Allah “Speech” (KALAM) 



Brykina S., Zuzlova Z. Comparative analysis of Gogol’s comedy “The inspector-general” translations


Efimova S. K., Konstantinova A. A. Lexis characteristics in Japanese internet discourse

Kundozerova M. V., Lipnitskaya S. V. Translation of social networks content as a way for preserving the language: the comparative experience of Belarus and Karelia 

Trubina O. B. D'annunzio “О Falce Di Luna Calante”: experience of the translation reception

 Buyanova E. V. Some ways of using a lexical approach while teaching business English

 Odilov Y. R. The role and participation of language in the formation of mind 



Byshov D. V., Kotlyarova E. V. Improving the activities of law enforcement agencies to identify and prevent iatrogenic crimes 

Byshov D. V., Revakshina A. A. Legal basis for the provision of paid medical services 

Galishnikova E. A. Arbitration court as a subject of legal conflicts resolution 

Kurochkin I. A. On some issues of countering extremist and terrorist crimes in the People's Republic of China 

Savelyev O. N., Fedorov A. G. Administrative authorities and civil legal beginnings in the regulation of labor relations 

Shamne A. N. Right to liberty of movement and migration in relation to human and civil rights 

Aminov I. R., Zamanova D. A. Implementation of the state policy in the sphere of use and protection of land resources 



Kozybaev E., Ponomarenko Y., Bondarenko V. Transition of the system of continuous pedagogical education in the cluster model of development: motivation technique for preclasters 

Ponomarenko Y., Kozybaev E., Bondarenko V. The elaboration of the transition of a continuous pedagogical education system into the cluster development model: analysis technique for preclasters 

Khidirov S. N. Social features of higher education system quality improvement 

Shamina N. V. Language models for expressing the preference-comparison modality (in the English language discourse) 



Tabachkova A. S. Assessment of quality of provided medical services by patients polyclinics (including dental) cities of Saransk



Amelin A. V. Popular cinema as a factor in the socialization of modern Russian youth 

Kakadiy I. I., Sek N. V., Shumakov P. V. Features of behavior of modern teenagers in conflict 

Kokoeva R. T., Chertkoeva D. L. The problem of experience in the Adlerian concept of personality 

Kukina E. A., Zvonova E. V. Political consciousness of youth and musical art 

Chemodanova G. I., Shuvalova D. Y., Malibayeva A. M. Psychological training as an effective form of personal self-development 

Klyonova Yu. A. Causes and consequences of family distress




Malysheva V. S. Analysis of cancer incidence in the Russian Federation 

Rakhmetova R. U., Maxyutova A. F. Trends of demographic development and mortality of ethnic groups in Kazakhstan

Vydrina A. S. “Gabitus” Pierre Bourdier as a theoretical basis for analysis of some brands 

Vlasov A. D., Zvonova E. V. Political advertising as a tool for shaping the political preferences of youth



Ovchinnikov P. S. Geostrategic value of straits and sea corridors for China People's Republic (PRC) 


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