Sociosphere. – № 3. – 2017

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From the editor-in-chief [скачать pdf]




Sapik M. The philosophical system and the liberal state [скачать pdf]

Kandakharov A. K. Analysis of Sufism mission representatives activity of Central Asia in the XVI century by the sample of work “LAMAHOT”  [скачать pdf]




Altunin K. V. Approbation of a new method of learning English words «Running words» [скачать pdf]

Ochilov O. On the question of traditional expression methods in Chinese literature studies [скачать pdf]




Eliseev V. C., Eliseeva I. M., Corobova M. V. Cognitive mechanisms of understanding pedagogical situations [скачать pdf]

Levanova E. A., Pushkareva T. V., Baskakova Y. A., Chernova E. I. To the question of forming the personnel reserve of an organization with a high level of staff turnover [скачать pdf]

Seryakova S. B., Levanova E. A., Pushkareva T. V., Baskakova Ya. A. Success of activity of an expert of the social sphere as the factor of formation of social and pedagogical competence [скачать pdf]

Pham Kim Ch. Evaluating student teachers in Micro-Teaching with analysis of video recording lesson by BORIS software at Vietnam National University [скачать pdf]

Nguyen Thi N. Development of training programs for pedagogical physics students based on learner capability at Vinh University – Vietnam [скачать pdf]




Smolina T. L. Research methods for measuring stereotypes in social psychology: individual and collective approaches [скачать pdf]




Karimova D. S. The process of social adaptation of adolescents in the transition period [скачать pdf]

Salmorbekova R. B. Social qualimetry as a measure of the effectiveness of social policy of the state [скачать pdf]


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