Sociosphere. – № 3. – 2018

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Vasilenko V. G., Tyutyunnikova E. B., Arushanyan Zh. A. Revisiting the mortality from tetanus in pre-revolutionary Armavir   [download pdf]

Tolibova S. R. The cultural-humanitarian relations of Uzbekistan and countries of Southern-Eastern Asia   [download pdf]




Amangeldiyeva М. АPerformance analysis and evaluation «Civil alliance of Mangystau region»   [download pdf]

Kuznetsova N. V. Method of CASE-STUDY in professional training of management staff: necessity or realized choice   [download pdf]




Ivanov E. M. Quantum ontology   [download pdf]

Umurzakov B. S. Scientific-literary heritage Fakhr Ad Din Ali Safi and his autograph manuscript of "Rashahat ayn al-hayat"   [download pdf]




Abdirasheva A. S. Formative types of derivatives of economic terms in modern Turkish   [download pdf]

Vershinina O. N., Shitova A. V. The final English test for the second form   [download pdf]

Kuzmich N. V. The identity of images and artistic manner of the writer   [download pdf]

Turapova N. A. Classification of phraseological units of the Japanese language by their origin  [download pdf]

Yeghiazaryan G. V. The use of slang in English and American press   [download pdf]




Borodina O. V. Increasing the role of ethical issues in the sphere modern education as a pedagogical problem   [download pdf]

Lusev V. N., Novikova A. V. To the question of the essence of the concept of "Cognitive independence" of college students   [download pdf]

Mikurova O. A. The importance of demonstration experience at lessons of chemistry   [download pdf]

Ponomarenko Y., Kozybaev E., Bondarenko V. Methodological approaches to research of problem of transition of continuous pedagogical education system in a cluster model of development   [download pdf]

Ponomarenko Y., Kozybaev E., Bondarenko V. The problem of applying the cluster approach to the modernization of continuous teacher education   [download pdf]




Seryakova S. B., Zvonova E. V., Seryakova V. V. Characteristics of career planning as a model for constructing solutions   [download pdf]




Pankratova L. E., Salakhutdinov T. Zh. The influence of mass media on formation of image of a profession "Social work" in modern Russia   [download pdf]

Rakhmetova R. U., Andekina R. E. Regional peculiarities of forecasting the demographic processes in Kazakhstan   [download pdf]




Zhurabekova Kh. M. Modernization of management in the Republic of Uzbekistan: global revolution and perspective   [download pdf]




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