Sociosphere. – № 4. – 2017

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From the editor-in-chief [download pdf]




Akhmetova Sh. Q., Tolpeko I. V. On the periodization question of the Kazakh cemeteries of the region of Middle Priirtyshya [download pdf]

Kysylbaikova M. I., Protopopov A. A. The concept of the word "HISTORY" in the linguistic consciousness of Russian and English native speakers [download pdf]




Kuznetsova N. V. Educational organization and business community – interaction in the aspect of employment of graduates [download pdf]

Narzullaev U. O. The founding and development process of free economic industrial zones of Uzbekistan (in case “Navoi” free economic industrial zone) [download pdf]

Panfilova E. A., Kryachko A. I. Genesis of research of the business model of the organization [download pdf]




Gagaev A. A., Gagaev P. A., Letkina N. V. Udmurt cosmo-psycho-logos in anthropological comparison of Moksha, Erzya, Udmurt [download pdf]

Kulikova I. M. Functions of mythological time in cosmology of G. Rayshev [download pdf]




Vasileva A. A. Antroponymic researches in the turcic- and mongolic-language regions of the Russian Federation (overview) [download pdf]

Vasileva A. A. Semantic classification of oikonyms in Hunan province of China [download pdf]

Grigoreva A. A. Features of translation of terms oil and gas industry (laying on Chinese language) [download pdf]

Grigoreva A. A. Pragmatic adaptation in translation of literary text (based on the story of Lao She “Cats’ town notes”) [download pdf]

Egorova K. G. The features of process of mutual understanding in the internet language [download pdf]

Egorova K. G., Nesterovich A. S. The semantic description of wild herbs phytonyms (on the material of Yakut and Korean medicinal plants) [download pdf]

Efimova S. K. Linguistic features of TV discourse (on the material of the news programs of the Japan and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [download pdf]

Kysylbaikova M. I., Kopyrina D. F. The reflection of the concept "LANGUAGE" in the linguis-tic consciousness of the English and Yakut [download pdf]

Kysylbaikova M. I., Innokentyeva K. A. Concept “childhood” in language consciousness among Sakha and English native speakers (example of stimulus-word  “child”) [download pdf]

Lebedeva V. V. Analysis of sound-imaging means on the example of the fairy tale "The sloth who became a cow" [download pdf]

Lebedeva V. V. Functional-semantic classification of onomatopoetic words of the Korean language [download pdf]

Lebedeva V. V. Semantic variability of onomatopoeic and image-imitating words of the Korean language: a case study of Korean fairy tales [download pdf]

Lebedeva V. V. Functional-semantic classification of image-imitating words of the Korean language [download pdf]

Kysylbaikova M. I., Maximova N. E. Y. N. Karaulov method of «semantic gestalt» is used to detect the nuclear and peripheries of the concept «friendship» in language consciousness of German, English and Yakut native speakers (with Yakut language) [download pdf]

Permyakova T. N., Artemeva D. A. Lexical Characteristics of “Personal Status” in the Internet Communication (VKontakte Russian Social Network example) [download pdf]

Rufova E. S., Afanasyeva V. N. Phraseological units with component "clothes": the case of Japanese [download pdf]

Stepanova Z. B. The problem of semantic classification of the Japanese onomatopoetic words [download pdf]

Stepanova Z. B., Iliina S. A. Features of language compression in manga [download pdf]

Stepanova Z. B., Neustroeva S. M. Stylistic and syntactic features of the manga language [download pdf]

Stepanova Z. B., Pitimko I. S. Emotive space of publicistic text (on the example of Japanese women’s magazines) [download pdf]

Stepanova Z. B., Rakeeva V. N. Specificity of the extra-contextual expression of irony in Japanese proverbs and sayings [download pdf]

Stepanova Z. B., Torokhova M. V. Linguistic representation of esthetics emotion in Japanese advertising [download pdf]

Stepanova Z. B., Everstova N. N. Expressing assessment in Japanese newspapers discourse [download pdf]

Tsybina L .V., Verendyakina M. V. The features of English vocabulary in the tourism virtual communication space [download pdf]

Kysylbaikova M. I. Semantic analysis of stimulus-words of the concept "Culture" in the language consciousness of Yakut language speakers (on the example of the stimulus-word "folklore") [download pdf]




Frolov S. A. Land disputes: the concept and causes [download pdf]

Shamne A. N. Comparative analysis of the concept of witness in Russian and German criminal proceedings [download pdf]




Egorova K. G., Arzhakova E. K. The issues and features of teaching Korean language in the first stage of studying in school and university [download pdf]

Lysev V. N., Vostroknutov E. V., Korchagina M. V. The sources of emergence of the profession teacher of vocational education [download pdf]

Nguyen H. D., Nguyen N. Th., Nguyen T. B. The relationship between consulting and strategic decision-making in the small and medium sized family firms – the case in Vietnam [download pdf]

Thai V. Th., Le Th. B. Solutions to improve the quality of management staff in the division of education and training in Vietnam [download pdf]




Buriak A. Y. Mini-opera: to the question of genre typology [download pdf]




Pankratova L. S. Sexual risks in the context of migration streams in the modern Russia [download pdf]




Drinova E. M., Piskunov N. V. Dialogue of cultures in the space of public policy [download pdf]

Ivanova A. V., Lebedeva A. Yu. The specifics of Japanese political caricatures about transpacific partnership [download pdf]

Ivanova A. V. The image of the first female president of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-Hye in political caricatures from 2013 to 2017 [download pdf]

Ivanova А. V., Mikhailov А. E. The image of prime minister of the united kingdom Theresa May in English political caricatures since 2016 [download pdf]

Poghosyan E. V., Yeprikyan A. M. The role of European structures in the process of establishing an independent statehood in the Republic of Armenia [download pdf]

Yusubov J. K. Technologies of making officials’ activities effectively in state service [download pdf]

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