Sociosphere. – № 4. – 2018

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Fisun A. V. Development of operational research activities during the reign of Alexander II in the Russian Empire 




Potapova E. V., Kаzanskaya I. V. Functional interpretation of the evolution of money from commodities to virtual 

Sadykova B. A. Socio-economic characteristics of migrants from the Kyrgyz Republic in Kazakhstan 

Tran N. D. Building some methods for enhancing capacity of figuring out and exploring the problems of thermodynamics tasks 




Butenko N. A. Philosophy and science: problem of interrelation and opposition 

Doroshin I. A. The transnational dimension of religious protest in the network society 

Jumaev R. G. Socio-political views of Akhmad Donish 

Ivanov A. V., Doroshin I. A. Religious violence in postsecular society: conceptual framework 

Muravyeva M. E. Utopianism contradictions in the philosophical discourse of Russia the beginnings of the 20th century 



Vasileva A. A., Nikolaeva G. A. Semantic characteristics of chinese personal names of 50-60 years of XX century 

Egorova K. G., Diodorova S. P. Linguistic representation of the image of the elder brother in the XIX century (on the material of the Korean film) 

Egorova K. G., Ksenofontova A. G. Classification of verbs with the semantic component “mokta” (eat) in Korean 

Egorova K. G., Yakovleva M. N. Lexical and grammatic features dialect of the island Cheju in the Korean language (on the material of TV transmission "Samchkhun Odi Kamsugua") 

Efimova S. The concept "Life" in Japanese paremiological discourse 

Kysylbaikova M. I. Language representation of the stimulus-words of the concept “culture” in the language consciousness of English language speakers 

Kysylbaikova M. I., Degtyareva M. A. The concept “music” in language consciousness of Sakha and English people through the example of stimulus words “harmony” and “song” 

Kysylbaikova M. I., Kolodeznikova M. P. The structure of the macroconcept «President» (on the example of the language consciosness of native English speakers) 

Kysylbaikova M. I., Sobakina A. N. Structuring the concept COLD in Jack London's northern stories 

Kysylbaikova M. I., Chepalova M. S. Research of the concept "tradition" in the language consciousness of native English speakers according to the method of G. G. Slyshkin (on the material of quotations) 

Kysylbaikova M. I., Shestakova E. M. Modern blogosphere in English linguoculture 

Lebedeva V. V., Serkina E. G. Structural analysis of the Korean automotive terminology, complex terms

Lebedeva V. V., Struchkova M. R. Definition of the social role of men in Korean culture on the material of Korean proverbs 

Lebedeva V. V., Struchkova M. R. Characteristics of the intrinsic qualities of the ideal woman in Korean culture

Rufova E. S., Afanasyeva V. N. Thematic classification of Yakut phraseological units with the component "Clothing" 

Rufova E. S., Soloveva T. V. Differentiation strategy in the Japanese tourist sites 

Rufova E. S., Obutov I. А. Linguoculturological features of Japanese newsletters 

Rufova E. S., Obutov I. АFunctional features of Russian television titles 

Stepanova Z. B., Pitimko I. S. Expressive emotional vocabulary in Japanese women’s magazines 

Stepanova Z. B., Syrovatskii A. A. The function of loanwords in Japanese texts of technical instructions 

Stepanova Z. B., Torokhova M. V. Stylistic means of expression the linguo-pragmatics in Japanese advertising 

Stepanova Z. B., Everstova N. N. Grammatical means of expressing evaluation in Japanese newspapers discourse 




Kozlova A. P. Ethical beginnings of inspection 

Sadykova B. A. Violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad (on the example of the Kazakh Republic) 

Shamne A. N. Problem of selection and description circumstances, excluding criminality of an act in criminal law of Russia and Germany 



Kuznetsova N. V. The role of knowledge in professional training of management personnel 

Toksonbaev R. N., Abitayeva R. Sh., Akhmetkarimova K. S, Umirbekova A. K. Modern trends in preparing future teachers for implementing new approaches in teaching and training in the context of updated content of general secondary education 

Tomarovskaya S. A., Belousova R. V. The conditions for the developing of skills of gifted children of the child 

Moiseev E. O. Socio-cultural interests of teenagers as a phenomenon of the process of teaching pop singing in an information educational environment 

Hoang X. V. Current situation in publishing industry of Vietnam 

Vu T. T. Development of communication skills of preschool children in role-playing games by subjects 




Kulikova I. M. Symbolization of reality as a style dominant creativity G. S. Raysheva 




Zharikova V. A. Features of conflict behavior at different ages in the system of relations: student-student 




Fomina E. E. The classifications trees as one of the methods for analysis of sociological information




Bekmuratov I. N. Experience of Chinese consideration in the context of a system approach

Ivanova A. V. Functions of a political caricature about trans-pacific partnership 

Shadmankulova M. M. The combination of liberal and democratic ideas in the socio political life of Uzbekistan 

Ortikova N. Theoretical foundations of political elite and democracy 

Juraeva Sh. Transformations and dynamics of the Eu-Central Asian relations 




Podkhomutnikova T. V., Moiseenko T. S. The mid test for class 6 by J. Vaulina 

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