Sociosphere. – № 4. – 2019

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Kertanova V. V., Sachkova G. S. S. Norov, the writer and memoirist  

Kiselnikov A. B., Dyachin A. S. Creation of boarding schools in the USSR. Problems of social project implementation




Kislinskaya M. V. The human capital value for the Russian economic development

Kuznetsova N. V. System "5 S"as a method of strategic quality management 32

Nguyen Dinh Tuan Le. Vietnamese intellectuals in the period of improvement. Industrialization and modernization of country




Muravyeva M. E. The problem of individual liberty in the context of relations between the state and the church 

Shamne A. N. The phenomenon of «migration» in ethical, philosophical and legal aspects 

Sanakulov A. N. Maintenance of the world outlook security in the in-formation society 



Mirzaaliyev I. M. Stylistic features of proverbs in the “Divanu Lugati-T-Turk” 

Saydazimova U. T. The co-sounding of the topic of love to the nature in the poems of Kim Sovolya and Vyacheslav Lee 




Byshov D. V., Gerasimova K. V. Certain questions of legal regulation of environmental protection 

Isupova E. A. Actual problems of the buy and sell agreement 

Isupova E. A. Voluntary procedure for liquidation of legal entities 

Korovin N. K., Abdullaeva L. N. Tactical operation of detention of the criminal




Kuzakbirdieva B. G. Studying the possibility of using Luneville embroidery technology in the modern educational process 

Kuzmina G. B. The primary education system is the foundation of the future of the country 

Levanova E. A., Perminova A. A., Matsneva K. V. Personality psychoplastics development training in programs for working with hard-to-reach teenagers 

Podkhomutnikova T. V., Moiseenko T. S. Term test for class 5 by J. Vaulina 

Khalatyan G. F., Julfayan R. P. Supporting materials, spreadsheets, proposed exercises to help study borrowing 

Chemodanova G. I., Khrushchev V. A., Dolobaeva A. E. Analysis of normative documents on question of forming and development of personality




Berzhanova M. K. Features of the relationship of mothers and children  

Kokoeva R. T., Gutieva I. G. Psychological features of teenage deviant group 

Pylinskaya N. A. Gender concepts of masculinity and femininity in ethno-cultural self-identification of young men and girls




Markova Y. I. Political controversies as a system of causes of the US-China trade war in the 21st century 


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