Regional socio-humanitarian researches: history and contemporaneity

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XII international scientific conference
Regional socio-humanitarian researches: history and contemporaneity



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  • Vědecko vydavatelské centrum «Sociosféra-CZ»
  • Faculty of Business Administration,
  • University of Economics in Prague
  • Penza State Technological University
  • State University named after Shakarim of Semey city
  • New Bulgarian University
  • Искусствоведение Art studies
  • История History
  • Педагогика Pedagogy
  • Право Law
  • Психология Psychology
  • Политология Political Science
  • Социология Sociology
  • Филология Philology
  • Философия Philosophy
  • Экология Ecology

Regional socio-humanitarian researches: history and contemporaneity : materials of the XII international scientific conference on January 25–26, 2023. – Prague : Vědecko vydavatelské centrum «Sociosféra-CZ», 2023.

  • Eva Kashparova, PhD, research associate at University of Economics in Prague.
  • Alexey P. Konovalov, candidate of historical sciences, professor in the department of history, State University named after Shakarim of Semey city, chairman of «Independent sociological center of Semey», Honored Science Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Nicholay Arabadzhiyski, Doctor of economics, professor the department of administration and management, New Bulgarian University.
  • Natalia V. Osipova, candidate of sociological sciences, assistant professor of Penza State Technological University.
  • 1. Theoretic-metodological problems of regional socio-humanistic researches.
  • 2. Problems of settling and development of regions in the past and the present.
  • 3. Regional archaeological researches.
  • 4. Study of regional language specifics.
  • 5. National languages and their role in satisfaction of developing needs of regions.
  • 6. Ethnography and museology in regions.
  • 7. Regional culture and its researches.
  • 8. Regions – custodians of traditions and customs of the past.
  • 9. Literary process and literary studies: regional aspects.
  • 10. Archiving and archivistics in regions.
  • 11. Regional ethnography and historic-cultural tourism.
  • 12. Regional educational systems, components and initiatives.
  • 13. Formation and evolution of regional socio-political structures.
  • 14. Geopolitical features of regions. Regions in system of international relations.
  • 15. Constructive interaction and contradictions between interests of regions and the center.
  • 16. Regional economy: theory and practice.
  • 17. Region as an object of the sociological analysis.
  • 18. Enterprising in the employment system of the population in regions.
  • 19. Varia (other topics are accepted as long as they correspond to the main subject of the conference).
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    Regional socio-humanitarian researches: history and contemporaneity
    Regional socio-humanitarian researches: history and contemporaneity