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Paradigmata poznání. - 2023. - No. 1

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Scientific multidisciplinary journal
Paradigmata poznání

Included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of Uzbekistan


  • RussianRussian
  • EnglishEnglish
  • czechczech
  • Czech Scientific Journal
  • Multi-disciplinary topics
  • Indexing in e-library
  • The 2019 Global Impact Factor (Australia) is 1,881.
  • A certificate for each author
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4 issues per year (February, May, August, November)


  • Articles accepted:
  • in 1 issue until January 20
  • 2nd issue until April 20
  • in Issue 3 until July 20
  • in Issue 4 until October 20


All authors are sent electronic journals and certificates of publication free.


  • The Global Impact Factor is 0.966.
  • Included in the list of the Supreme Attestation Commission of Uzbekistan
  • Vědecko vydavatelské centrum "Sociosféra-CZ" (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Academia Rerum Civilium – Vysoká škola politických a společenských věd (Kutná Hora, Czech Republic)
  • Computer Science Informatics
  • Art History Art history
  • History History
  • Culturology Culturology
  • Medicine Medicine
  • Pedagogy Pedagogy
  • Political Science Political science
  • Right Right
  • Psychology Psychology
  • Religious Studies Religious Studies
  • Sociology Sociology
  • Technique Technology
  • Philology Philology
  • Philosophy Philosophy
  • Ecology Ecology
  • Economy Economy
  • Full-text versions of all issues of the journal are placed on the website of the Sociosphere Research Center in free access (CC BY-SA), as well as in the scientometric databases of the Electronic Scientific Library (Russia) , Research Bible (China), Scientific Indexing Services (USA), Cite Factor (Canada), General Impact Factor (India), Scientific Journal Impact Factor (India), Global Impact Factor (Australia), CrossRef (USA) which provides our authors with opportunity to increase your citation index.
  • Editor-in-Chief – Doroshina Ilona Gennadievna, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Miroslav Banasik, PhD. (Humanities - Warsaw, Poland),
  • Victor Boytsov, DrSc., Professor (Information Systems - Riga, Latvia),
  • Velkowska Gena Tsvetkova, PhDr. (economy - Sofia, Bulgaria),
  • Alexander Nikolaevich Vernigora, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor (Penza, Russia),
  • Peter Zamarovsky, RNDr. (natural sciences - Prague, Czech Republic),
  • Ivanovska Bozena, PhD. (sociology - Warsaw, Poland),
  • Kasimova Zebo Khamidovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (Tashkent, Uzbekistan),
  • Kashparova Eva, PhDr. (sociology - Prague, Czech Republic),
  • Kreychova Lenka, PhD. (Psychology - Prague, Czech Republic),
  • Korotaev Andrey Vitalievich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor (Moscow, Russia), Kushaev Umidjon Rakhimovich, (DSc) Doctor of Philosophical Sciences (Tashkent, Uzbekistan),
  • Camp Marianne, PhD., Associate Professor, (History - Wyoming, USA),
  • Mityukov Nikolai Vitalievich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Izhevsk, Russia),
  • Ruzieva Dilnoz Isomjonovna, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor (Tashkent, Uzbekistan),
  • Sapik Miroslav, PhDr., Associate Professor (Philosophy - České Budějovice, Czech Republic),
  • Sigmund Tomas, PhD. (philosophy - Prague, Czech Republic),
  • Szuppe Maria, PhD. (history - Ivry-sur-Seine, France),
  • Srb Vladimir, PhDr. (Political Science – Kolin, Czech Republic),
  • Tantsoshova Judita, PhD., Professor (Economics – Bratislava, Slovakia),
  • Vanda Khadzhkova, DrPaed., Associate Professor (Pedagogy - Prague, Czech Republic),
  • Khairullina Nursafa Gafurovna, Doctor of Sociology, Professor (Tyumen, Russia),
  • Shumakova Svetlana Nikolaevna, Candidate of Art History, Associate Professor (Kharkiv, Ukraine).
Page Format:
А4 (210x297 mm);
top, bottom and right - 2 cm, left - 3 cm;
one and a half;
Size (point size):
Times New Roman;
  • Materials are submitted in electronic form to e-mail:
  • Each article must have a UDC.
  • The name is printed in capital letters, bold, center alignment.
  • The initials and surname of the author(s), academic degree, position, e-mail, ORCID are printed on the second line.
  • On the third line - the full name of the organization, city, country. After the missing line, the name in English is printed.
  • On the next line, the names of the authors, academic degree, position, e-mail, ORCID in English.
  • Further the name of the organization, city and country in English. In articles in English, it is not necessary to duplicate the title, author and place of work of the author in another language.
  • The missing line is followed by an abstract in English (600–800 characters) and keywords (5–10) in English.
  • After the missing line, the text of the article is printed.
  • Graphs, figures, tables are inserted as an embedded object should be included in the total volume of abstracts.
  • The numbers of bibliographic references in the text are given in square brackets, and their list is at the end of the text with solid numbering.
  • Sources and literature in the list are listed in alphabetical order, one number corresponds to 1 source.
  • Links are placed manually.
  • Footnotes are allowed if necessary. They should be in the same font as the body text.
  • The volume of the article can be 6-25 pages.
  • Information about the author is located after the text of the article and is not taken into account when calculating the volume of the publication.
  • Materials must be prepared in a Microsoft Word, carefully calibrated and edited.
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For 1 full (incomplete) page is 350 rubles 350 rubles
Translate abstract and keywords from Russian into English 200 rubles 200 rubles
Electronic version of the journal free free
Electronic version of the certificate free free
Print Journal mailing by simple letter 600 rubles 1600 rubles
by registered mail 700 rubles 1800 rubles
Printed Diploma when ordering a journal 200 rubles 200 rubles
no log order by simple letter 200 rubles 800 rubles
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