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Features of School and Family Education in Modern Russia

V. I. Gorbatov   Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, associate professor,

Vladimir State University named after Alexander Grigoryevich

and Nikolay Grigoryevich Stoletovs,

Vladimir, Russia


During the demographic crisis in our country, unfortunately, society is not a healthy environment for a child from the moral point of view. The only social institution that has a serious potential for raising a healthy citizen of the Fatherland is often the school. In the last decade, the processes of school democratization have contributed to the arrival of various specialists in it, who have set themselves the goal of educating the younger generation in the field of reproductive health problems, human sexuality, and prevention of deviant behavior. Among such programs, it is necessary to mention such as “Maternal and Child Health Care”, “Family Planning”, the project “Sex Education of Russian Schoolchildren”, the program “Your Choice”, “Improving the Reproductive Health of the Youth”. All these programs declare that their goal is the primary prevention of children deviant behavior and the education of young people on many topical issues of family life.

In fact, a rigorous scientific analysis of these programs content and methods of their implementation (such an analysis was carried out by the Center for Communication Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2002) showed that these programs are characterized by a latent (hidden, disguised) functional orientation. As a result of the impact of these programs on the schoolchildren’ consciousness, the boundaries between good and evil are blurred, and the personality’s attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle are deformed. These programs teach children scrupulously about various methods of contraception, provide guidelines for the early onset of sexual activity, promote the active sex life of schoolchildren and the frequent change of sexual partners, as well as the attitude to sex life as a means of entertainment and achieving higher pleasure [5]. Moreover, the authors and apologists of these programs declare that they teach children the norm of behavior. But in fact, it turns out that such an understanding of the norm is always carried out through negative and pathological examples. In particular, it is carried out through a description of various types of drugs and the euphoria level from each of them, through a detailed study of different types of sexually transmitted diseases, types of contraceptives and methods of contraception, methods of the so-called “safe sex”, through an invitation to answer long questionnaires that are devoted, for example, to problems of smoking or human sex life. The experience shows that the adolescents immersed in answers to numerous questions, are involuntarily drawn into the orbit of these problems and imperceptibly lose their immunity to this form of deviant behavior. As a result, it does not seem so odious to them. The Forbidden fruit is sweet. In fact, there is a temptation to try the forbidden. We can say that this is the opposite of prevention.

Thus, these programs inculcate the ideology of absolute freedom of human existence, permissiveness under the slogan: “Take everything from life!” In the section dedicated to a young family, schoolchildren are imposed a strategy that it is better to have one, but healthy and desired child. This philosophy of so-called “responsible parenting” is undoubtedly aimed at restraining childbearing and deepening the demographic crisis.

Let’s think: who needed in Russia, exhausted from troubles, where sometimes there is no money even for free school breakfasts, to spend a lot of money not on patriotic, moral education, but on sexual education?

The attack on chastity is only part of the “universal” tasks of the globalists to “form the so-called progressive man”. This is their main task, since a corrupted person has no will of his own and becomes easily controllable. The more such people are brought up by the “pedagogy of sex education”, the easier it will be to plunge the world into an abyss of debauchery and chaos.

This is how the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote in his novel “The Demons”: “One or two generations of debauchery is now necessary, unheard of, despicable debauchery, when a person turns into a vile, cowardly, cruel, selfish scum ...” [2].

We are convinced that in the era of the demographic crisis, which threatens the death of our country, the education system and modern schools must build all educational work on the principles of cultural conformity and the formation of a truly healthy lifestyle. Traditional Russian culture has always been built on high moral values and ideals of a righteous life. An integral part of the citizen upbringing is the upbringing of a respectable family man and worker. Therefore, today the school should promote a positive rethinking of Russian reality, promote the ideal of a strong large family, affirm traditional family foundations based on chastity and love, and foster a taste for the beauty of a pious marriage. We are convinced that in this matter we need to rely on the spiritual experience of our ancestors and spiritual mentors. So let’s listen to the words of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Aleksiy II from his speech at the X International Christmas Educational Readings: “A school that has fallen out of tradition, a school in which the continuity of generations is not observed and moral principles are not transmitted, contributes only to the further society destruction, and not to creation it. The explosive substance of corruption, being put into the school, can be more disastrous for the people than any terrorist attacks.

True education is the formation of not only the flesh, not only the mind, but also the heart. That is why any school, while giving knowledge and helping a young person to grow up strong and healthy, must at the same time teach him to distinguish good from evil, the truth from lies, true freedom from enslavement to instincts and passions”.

It is necessary from an early age to teach children to fight against sin, to preach to them the ideals of chastity, purity and fidelity in relations between a man and a woman. Indeed, from her spiritual experience, the Church knows: a person who does not know how to overcome a lustful passion cannot curb other vices in himself. Whoever infects children with the bacillus of debauchery in an attractive package of pleasure raises future criminals [4]. It is not for nothing that the Lord warns sternly: “Whoever seduces one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better if they hung a millstone around his neck and drowned him in the depths of the sea” (Gospel of Matthew, 18, 6) [1].

We are convinced that the school and the family should teach the child to live according to conscience, to respect parents, teachers and other elders. We must teach the child to feel ashamed for indecent deeds and to make repentance for his sins. Let our children remember that the main wealth of a person is inside him, this is his soul. The remarkable Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin wrote: “Whoever wants to raise a child must awaken and strengthen the spirituality of his instinct in him” [3]. A spiritual, moral person values his family, strives to create his own family union, which, according to Ivan Ilyin, is based on love, faith and freedom; in a family, a person learns the first conscientious movements of the heart, and then rises to other, higher forms of human unity – the Motherland and the state.

In this regard, we offer specific proposals:

1. To stop teaching children in schools according to the programs “Family Planning” and valeology, sanctioned by the educational authorities.

2. To organize the spiritual and moral education of schoolchildren based on traditional national and cultural values, with an emphasis on the philosophy of childbearing.

3. To include in the regional component of the education content such a discipline as “Spiritual and moral foundations of family life”.

4. To create on television and radio special cycles of programs aimed at educating young people in the spirit of chastity, purity, spiritual and moral values, at preventing drug addiction and alcoholism, at countering the tendency of artificial termination of pregnancy.

5. To introduce a compulsory training course “Demographic problems and personal education” at pedagogical universities and teacher training institutes.


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