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The role of the manager's personality in the sales system

E. V. Zvonova Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor,

A. A. Alieva student,

Moscow Pedagogical State University,

Moscow, Russia


An effective sales system is the backbone of the life of every organization operating in the market. However, the analysis of scientific papers and empirical research shows an acute lack of a systematic approach to the sales process, as to a single ergonomic unity of personal characteristics, techniques, methods, means.

In modern scientific literature, the system "is a functional set of material formations, mutually promoting the achievement of a certain result (goal) necessary to meet the initial need" [1, p. 59].

The system has many separate components that interact with each other, forming a certain integrity, unity [4]. The system is a holistic structure, "composed of parts, a set of elements that are in relationships or interrelationships with each other, which forms a certain integrity, unity" [8, p. 610].

The sales system includes numerous components that implement certain production functions, moreover, the success of the functioning of the system as a whole, efficiency, stable growth in the promotion of goods, and the profitability of the organization as a whole depend on the coherence of the functioning of these components, consistency, coordination of their activities. The basis of each of the structural components of the sales system is the personnel, employees of the organization.

In the modern world in the field of trade business, about 70 % of the total working-age population is involved [2]. The effectiveness of business development in Russia largely depends on the success of the implementation of the professional activity of a sales manager.

A manager is “an employee who is actively looking for clients and sells goods and services to a wholesale company or a company in which sales are highly personalized” [3, p. 9]. Selling is a process, each stage of which involves a communicative interaction between the sales representative and the buyer.

The motivational sphere is of great importance for the success of a sales representative. “Before starting to assess a person's abilities, one must first know his values and intentions, since the most significant abilities are manifested only in connection with meaningful goals” [5, p. 152].

Personal flexibility is no less important for the success in the professional activity of a manager. Personal flexibility of a sales manager is understood as “the ability of an individual to adapt to changes that may occur unexpectedly” [6, p.225]; “An integrative invariant that determines the dynamics of a person's awareness of their place in a situation of choice and organization of professional activity, which determines the level of productivity of a manager’s personality in professional activity” [7, p.91]. The high level of development of personal flexibility allows the sales representative to adequately assess their own social, academic and professional success.

The high level of efficiency of professional activity of sales managers is determined by internal psychological factors, personal qualities, including the need for the desire for recognition; in power and influence; in creativity; in variety and change; in a sense of the demand and social significance of the profession; in growth and development.

There are important professional qualities in the activities of the manager: the ability to present the product, inform about the product, constant improvement of knowledge about the product and the market segment, concern for the safety of the product.

At the heart of each component, the activity of the sales system as a whole, is the professional activity of a manager. The success of the functioning of the system depends on the level of professionalism of the manager, which puts forward high requirements for the level of formation of his professional and personal qualities.


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