Каталог статей из сборников научных конференций и научных журналов- The issue of psychological support for educational process in a military university as the foundation of psychological training future officers


The issue of psychological support for educational process in a military university as the foundation of psychological training future officers

I. V. Derepasko

Military Educational and Scientific Center of the Air Force

N. E. Zhukovsky and Y. A. Gagarin Air Force Academy,

Voronezh, Russia


Psychological training in military universities should be carried out as an integral pedagogical process, development all its system elements ‒ tasks, goals, conditions, programs, directions, forms, methods, developed educational and material base, methods of monitoring and evaluating results [1–4].

A significant and relevant area of work is the implementation of psychological support of cadets during the period of professional training in military universities. In order to optimize psychological support in military universities, an interaction is organized between officials of military-political work, psychological services (groups) specialists and humanitarian profile departments.

An inalienable direction of psychological support is the adaptation of cadets to the conditions of educational and service activities. This work is carried out with the following features of training in an educational organization:

- strict regulation of education and residence, compliance with the internal regulations in the presence of living conditions, working hours and rest time that differ from everyday ones;

- educational activities, including the independent training, are combined with duties, participation in cultural, leisure, sports, scientific and other events;

- the predominance of group forms of educational work, both in the course of training sessions and during independent training;

- the place of study remoteness from the place of residence, which makes it difficult to solve possible family and social problems [4].

These features for individual cadets are stress factors that complicate their mastering of the educational material, primarily at the initial stage of training.

In this regard, the importance of observation, objectification of information about cadets, including those who needs increased attention and who is experiences difficulties in the learning process, in order to provide them with timely assistance, is explained in the classroom within the system of military-political work with combat commanders, teaching staff, including with teachers who are tactical leaders of training groups. The psychologist also reveals the tasks of observing cadets during training, duties, participation in various events, as well as interaction within the study group, communication with the officers. During the classes, attention is drawn to the initial period of standing in a military university, during which cadets can experience stress and show possible reactions: aggression, frustration, negativism, etc. It is necessary to identify among cadets persons with a deviant behavior and a reduced ability to adapt to the conditions of educational and service activities. It is recommended to conduct regular conversations with cadets who show signs of maladjustment and refer them to a psychologist.

Another important form of work on the adaptation of cadets to the conditions of educational and service activities is participation in the formation of a favorable socio-psychological climate in cadet groups. For this purpose, trainings are aimed at uniting cadet teams [3]. At the same time, special attention is paid to the analysis of possible conflict situations among students, between cadets and the officers, the development of proposals and recommendations for optimizing socio-psychological processes and events within cadet collectives with an unfavorable climate. The counseling is carried out with cadets, who have a reduced ability to adapt and need of overcoming negative conditions. In the process of counseling, methods are used that have a diagnostic, educational and / or corrective orientation.

During the trainings of emotional regulation, cadets develop ideas about the regulatory functions of the psyche and consciousness, and also improve the skills of self-regulation aimed at maintaining mental health.

The psychological stability and the psychological readiness to work in special conditions are developed during psychophysical trainings.

Communication trainings are focused on the development of the communicative sphere of future officers, readiness and ability for tolerance and friendly interaction with the objects and subjects of their professional activities.

In the process of personal development training, cadets improve their ability to understand and accept their own personality, constructively resolve personal problems, and increase their personal responsibility and discipline within military collective.

The main goal of the empathy development training is development empathy and reflexive abilities, which are necessary for effective interpersonal interaction within a team, communication with subordinates, colleagues and commanders. The training also helps to improve professional observation and non-verbal communication skills.

Psychological support of the educational process in a military university should be carried out on the basis of a number of approaches in its organization   [1, 2].

Thus, the activity approach determines the organization of psychological support for the adaptation of cadets to educational and service activities, involves cadets in probable social and psychological relations.

A student-centered approach implies the creation of the best possible conditions for each cadet who needs help. The most important task of psychological support for cadets is the formation of such a personality of students so that their internal orientation does not run counter to the external environment, the requirements of educational and service activities, and professional mentality.

The essence of the individual-creative approach consists of the personal mastery of educational, service and future professional activities. The criteria for this are: academic performance, service success, the ability to analyze their individual characteristics, etc.


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