Каталог статей из сборников научных конференций и научных журналов- Personal-oriented professional counceling of adults: experience of the Slovak Republic

Personal-oriented professional counceling of adults: experience of the Slovak Republic

O. Samoilenko, PhD in Education, doctoral applicant,

e-mail: samoilenckooxana@gmail.com 

ORCID 0000-0002-2305-4111,

Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University,

 Zhytomyr, Ukraine


According to the modern pro-European andragogic approach, an adult acts as an equal subject of the educational process. Moreover, the constitutive in the construction of his educational trajectory is the life experience of an adult, which is derived from individual personal and professional inquiries.

Adult education for Ukraine is a rather modern science branch, which is in active scientific discussion (O. Anishchenko, O. Vasilenko, A. Vichrusch, O. Vozniuk, N. Demianenko, O. Dubaseniuk, L. Lukianova, O. Martirosian, I. Meleshko, L. Sigaiev, etc.). The researchers are interested in the process of formation and development of adult education both in Ukraine and abroad. In particular, the possibilities of adapting the experience of European countries in the field of adult education to domestic realities.

An analysis of the practice of adult education in the Slovak Republic shows its effectiveness at the level of personalized professional adult counseling – poradenstvo (the term derives from the English word "consult" – to consult and means "(po) radiť (sa)" – to advise, counsel, offer , to approve, to advise). Due to the precise orientation of an adult, this type of counseling is also called andragogical counseling.

The functioning of an effective counseling system in Slovakia is provided by the Life Long Life Concept (2008), Life-Long Learning Strategy [3] and Life-Long Advice (2007), and the Career Development and Advocacy Association.

The concept of lifelong counseling defines counseling as a continuous process that helps adults shape skills, competences and interests, make decisions about education, training / retraining and employment, and build an individual development strategy in education, work and other areas of life where these skills and competences can be acquired and / or used.

The Life Strategy and Life Advice Strategy (2007) [8] states that "counseling is a set of counseling services provided to adults in accordance with their inquiries to address education, career choice and career development at any time, at any stage of their life.

The Program for the Development of the Slovak Republic (2008) [4] proclaims the need to create the necessary conditions for the introduction of a counseling system in order to create equal opportunities for citizens to receive information not so much about the potential of adult education, but also about the prospects of applying knowledge, skills in the labor market, which will make it possible to direct adults in choosing the forms of study, will increase their ability to work and mobility in the labor market.

L. Glushkov, a Slovak scholar [1], argues that "counseling carries out a supporting function in life-long education, providing for the formation of individual competences for the management and planning of their professional growth and education. The scientist recognizes the two-sidedness of this process: life-long counseling through education will contribute to the overall development of the adult's personality. L. Sirova adds that "the concept of counseling should help adults to solve a number of important issues in their lives" [6].

The developer of Andragogical counseling system C. Mayer defines counseling as a system institution, a professional and comprehensive service whose purpose is to provide advice, information, and solutions in solving specific life problems [2]. It is a specially organized professional orientation of the individual based on an analysis of its relevance, taking into account the physical and psychological individual characteristics, general and professional interests, inclinations and abilities, the level of education and training. In conducting the consultation also take into account the needs of the labor market, employment opportunities, professional growth, working conditions, etc. The author notes the close interaction between life-long education and counseling, which serves as a facilitator of lifelong learning, whose effectiveness is determined by the quality of the counseling process.

I. Pirohova implies such counseling as andragogy – a specific form of assistance to an adult in difficult life situations through education and training [5]. The psychological sense of counseling is to help adults resolve their own problems of professional life. Hence the main task of counseling is to reconcile the individual professional capabilities and needs of the client with the interests of the labor market, as a result of which professional self-determination of the individual takes place, her life and professional plans are formed or improved, productive changes are made in her professional activity and behavior.

The subject of andragogical counseling is defined by V. Prusakova as [6]:

- problem situations that can be solved through education and training, such as unemployment, career growth, career change, etc. Customers seek help from a consultant to assist in solving the situation, obtaining reliable information on the labor market and its needs;

- the issue of the effective use of leisure time (leisure), in particular by means of training;

- problems arising in the training of both the adult and the person who teaches them about the forms, methods, techniques and teaching techniques. For example, an adult does not know how to build his own learning strategy, how to combine work and education, where to get the appropriate education, etc. The consultant, along with the adult, makes an individual training schedule for the adult and helps in its implementation. On the other hand, in andragogy also there may be problems as to which techniques can be effective in adult learning. In this case, the counselor helps the andragogue in the selection of effective techniques.

Considering the subject of personalized professional counseling for adult counseling, K. Meyer highlights two types of counseling – professional and career [2]. The first occurs predominantly at the beginning of the adult work activity and ensures his knowledge of the professional orientations of the individual. Career guidance is effective if you meet the need for an adult career growth, when you select a career strategy advancement strategy. Such a division of andragogical counseling is due to the dynamic development of continuing education, the emergence of the need for education in life, the constant changes in the labor market in accordance with the economic transformation of society and the need for the acquisition of modern competencies by adults.

Ukraine, with its aspiration to become a full member of the European Union, guides educational policy to adapt the experience of European countries to the domestic practice of adult education. Over the past ten years, many achievements have been made in this direction: the Concept of Adult Education (2011) has been developed, the Laws of Ukraine "On Higher Education" (2014), "On Education" (2017), "On Professional Education Movement" (2019), are specified. The Law "On the Professional Development of Workers" (2018).

The system of non-formal and informal education of adults is developing rapidly, for example, educational programs for the personal and professional development of adults Prometheus, Eddera, Naurok and others can serve as an example. The Ukrainian Association for the Education of Adults, whose mission is to build a society that is learning throughout life, was created.

However, we do not have a full-fledged, comprehensive adult education system, particularly in the area of personalized adult professional counseling. In this context, the experience of the Slovak Republic can serve as an example of the creation of a mechanism for informational support of a system of continuous education focused on meeting the professional needs of adults


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