Каталог статей из сборников научных конференций и научных журналов- Modern trends in the humanities pedagogical technologies of the foreign languages

Modern trends in the humanities pedagogical technologies of the foreign languages

K. A. Fayziyeva, teacher,

e-mail: Komila.fayziyeva.85@bk.ru,

Higher Military Aviation School of the Republic of Uzbekistan,

Каrshi, Uzbekistan


Improving the quality of education of the foreign languages are one of the most pressing problems but for the entire world community. The solution to this problem is connected with the modernization of educational content, the optimization of methods and technologies of educational process.

Modern technologies in education of the foreign languages are seen as a means by which a new educational paradigm can be realized. Trends in the development of educational technology directly related to the humanization of education, promoting self-actualization and self-realization.

In the most general form of the technology – it is an elaborate system of "how" and "how" the goal is embodied in "a particular type of product or its components." From a scientific and methodical literature we call some versions of the definition of technology:

- Technical method of achieving practical goals;

- A set of methods used to obtain the objects necessary for human existence;

- A set of procedures and methods of human activity;

- Tools used for the simulation of human behavior [1].

Considering the issue of educational technology of the foreign languages it should be noted that the modern approach to teaching is to build on its technological basis. General principles and rules of the teaching technologies are seen as following:

1. The principle of pedagogical expediency of the foreign languages formulated by A. S. Makarenko: "No action of the teacher should not stand aside from the goals" [3].

2. The relationship and mutual teaching and learning as the two inseparable sides of the learning process. Teaching – an organization pedagogically appropriate independent activity of students. The main task of the teacher as it saw K. D. Ushinskiy – turn student activities in its initiative.

The current stage of development of society characterized by rapid technological development of the foreign languages. In modern scientific literature and practical activities of outstanding local teachers are three main types of technology: technical, economic and humanitarian. In his article, I will focus on the characterization of humanitarian technologies, which are divided into the management and humanities, pedagogical and psychological. Of particular interest to educators call the last two technologies.

The common reference to the notion of technology is based primarily on the criterion of reproducibility of pedagogical activity. In social terms, this trait is linked to another feature of the technology – its ability to mass. A more rigorous understanding of educational technology in the domestic pedagogy, close to the world to popular conception of educational technology is regarded as the construction of the educational process with the given diagnosable results [2].

The leading features of the strict notion of educational technology are:

- Diagnosticity description purpose;

- The reproducibility of the pedagogical process (including prescription stages, corresponding learning objectives and the nature of learning and learners);

- The reproducibility of the results of teaching.

The technology does not exist in the pedagogical process in isolation from its general methodology, objectives and content. Educational technology is a set of psychological and educational settings that determine the choice of forms, methods, techniques, methods, educational funds. With the help of technology achieved effective results in the development of personal qualities in the process of acquisition of knowledge and skills.

In conclusion, the article you must stay at one of the features of educational technology of the foreign languages, which is that any technology, its development and application require a high activity of the teacher and students. Teacher activity is manifested in the fact that he is well aware of the psychological and personal characteristics of their students, and on this basis, making individual adjustments to the process. Active pupils are manifested in the increasing autonomy in the process of interaction technologies.        


1. Bespal'ko V. P. The terms of educational technology. – M. : Education, 1989.

2. Gorshkov V. V. The humanitarian nature of educational technology in teaching inters subjective reality. – Vladivostok, 1999.

3. Makarenko A. S. Pedagogical works. – In 8 vols. – Moscow, 1983.

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