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Научный мультидисциплинарный журнал
Paradigmata poznání. - 2014. - № 1

E-learning trainings

R. Pilka

Warsaw University of Technology,

Warszawa, Polska


According to the most widespreaded in Poland definition expressed by M. Hyle, e-learning training is a subordinationed of definited goal and training, electronic stock of contents, designed for individual usage and equipped in a navigation elements. Concept of training content is capacious and contains e.g.:

Records in electronic form, documents and instructions,

§     Ebooks

§     Presentations (PowerPoint)

§     Text and numeric statement (Word Excel)

§     Sound records and educational movies

§     Knowledge based on «informations from chat and forums for specific group of users»

§     Variety in multimedia elements like interactive games

§     Knowledge and ability tests

§     Team work «in the network»

§     Video conferences

§     Different methods and tools using to on-line learning

Listed examples of training contents with no doubt can fulfill a function of education stock, allocated as shared stuff to self-study or acquisition information. However, they are fundamentally different than e learning training. E-learning training is compact, well-thought, subject to a specific, previously established structure which task is meeting specified didactic goal, posed against given e-training in determined form (which fulfillment have to occur in determined form).

The most important value of e-learning trainings is substantive knowledge. This knowledge is on different level of difficult. The learning process at e-learning trainings is on three levels, includes:

§     Cognitive level – behaviors and abilities engraining thinking process . That mean all actions that make need to acquire new knowledge and abilities.

§     Influence level – attitude, position, emotions, feelings – motivation action for e-listener to continue education.

§     Psychomotor level – this content causes actions and motor actions user of training.

Good adjustment of contents e-learning to every above-mentioned levels, contribute to facilitate work on high-quality of training in didactic aspect. Also, a main assumption of preparing e-learning trainings is an endeavor to optimum adjustment training content to business practice enterprise, its preferences and taste.

E-learning trainings based on workshop trainings. We supply not only theory and tools but also practicing practical skills useful and required in work. Through it, everyone during the training has a chance to practicing own workshop, barrier of fear about using new knowledge and abilities is liquidated- participants willingly and boldly will embody knowledge, skills and experience gained during e-trainings into life.

Composition of trainings have huge effect on all e-learning process. Actually, using different parts and components in trainings have strict connection with efficiency and satisfaction on users e-trainings. To e-learning process proceed properly each form of training should be carefully planned at early stage. Educational material should be attractive consist from many interesting forms and interactions, conception should try to cope goals posted before training.

Big influence of elaboration an e-trainings' content and structure has got object approach. To give training' s content adequate form, you should:

§     properly describe a content by means of metadata

§     divide transfer to layers with different destiny and specificity

§     remove from content redundant statements (minimize the transfer)

§     do an atomization od content

§     plan an utilization of medias and interactive elements

§     do proper use from supplementary materials.

Diversity of forms to learning (avaible online, web sides, files to download or internet databases) exercising. Outline of lectures, etc. diversified education, making it more adjusted to learner abilities. E-learning trainings fit to pupils needs and create opportunities to learn at freely chosen place. If you like working at home, you can link it with family care, and avoid stress related to approaches to school or college. In traditional education rate of science is imposed by teachers or other pupils. When it comes about e-learning , pupil hasn’t got direct contact with teachers or mates, so he need to be more involved and motivated to science. E-learning trainings allow to learn in appropriate pace to every learner. In all traditional forms are rigid timetable and exercises which need to be abided by pupil. In this regard e-learning giving pupils much more freedom but also require good work organization and self-discipline. During lesson, learner can easily come back to less understood moments of class, lecture, and view it any number of time, scrolling slides or films. There is no fear that during the exams student will be in rush or make any mistakes.

The most popular and most effective tool using at e-learning trainings is educational portal designed for managing and sharing trainings. From the portal level user has access to e-learning platform which is learning system designed to self-study as well as to study with teacher or guardian – through the Internet.  Technical level and abilities offered tools are allowed to prepare e-learning as good as courses conducted in traditional form, which mean based on direct contact: teacher-student. 

Efficacy of e-learning trainings depends on three factors: technology, training content and services supporting process of education. Success condition in e-learning training is faith in yourselves, good motivation, positive attitude to science and cooperation like also skill to use technical resources.

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