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Modern young people : asocial robots or highly technical humans

E. A. Brashovan teacher,

Krasnodar Municipal Medical Institute of Higher Nursing Education,

Krasnodar, Russia


The 21st century is the time of complete globalization. The time when everything is checked, done and controlled by computers and even people are getting more and more technology – addicted. The process of computerization that dates back to the middle years of the previous century is now considered to be the inherent part of our life, but is it so advantageous as it seems to be?!

During last years a big number of different researches have been done to find the necessity or harm of the fully computerized life, especially for teenagers and young ones.

When computers came into life all people undoubtedly were sure that these new things would make the process of study more convenient and easier, but as a result we can see the generation of emojies and smilies, generation of unreal communication (if all that “symbol-like” messages and mails can be called a communication), generation of asociality.

No one denies that there exist some advantages of internet technology and all that created gadgets like quick access to information, possibility to discuss things with people that are far away from your place. But the big number of the bad consequences of internet and the destruction of human relations due to it as a result can be seen more and more often. The main bad consequences I have already mentioned in my previous works: the increase of suicides, decrease of educational level, the destruction of family institution and the increase of aggression and violence. Here special attention should be paid to such showing as the decrease of educational level. Constant assurance that any information can be found in the internet make people lose wish to become more intelligent, especially the young ones. During last decades we can see the fall of the results of final exams of pupils at schools.

Young people having been always internet – connected show low results especially in subjects when you should speak. Working in the sphere of foreign languages it can be seen that young students lose their ability to speak, to show the thoughts aloud, to communicate. With the creation of different types of translators students stop working with the texts as they have to- using dictionaries, writing down all the unknown words and learning them. It’s so awful to observe the fact that while communicating with people they just using that “OK, GOOGLE” function try to be understood. And of course, they are not. Because no matter how advanced the translator is there’s still a great blank and a lot of translational mistakes in them. We all remember the huge mistake with the translation that made famous singer Madonna a laughing stock when she having a wish to address to her fans in their native language used a translator which made very confusing mistakes and instead of understanding and thanks there were a lot critics.

We all know that the main aim in the process of foreign languages education is to make people speak and unfortunately this aim is not fulfilled up to hundred percents nowadays.

We have done an investigation having taken 2 groups of students. The first one for the whole month had been working with the texts and exercises only with the help of dictionaries. The second part of students continued using translators. In a month in the first group of students the level of words memorizing increased in 30 % and the level of communication increased in 25 % while the second group results kept stable (nothing increased). Besides, students of the first group became more talkative and had a bigger wish to speak compare to the participants of the second group.

The fact that new technologies have made the process of education a little easier is not absolutely denied, but they have to be used rationally and only up to the point. For example, it can be useful while doing some tourist guides online (studying the English speaking countries we can using internet visit a lot of places of that countries during the lessons). Or, for example, presentations and a lot of video materials are very useful during medical English lessons, but they all must be accompanied by students’ speaking.

What is more troubling is that every day use of internet and all that smartphones\ tablets\computes has lead to a very big problem –the Internet addiction disorder (IAD) that “ruins lives by causing neurological complications, psychological disturbances, and social problems; addiction that is advancing rapidly even without its official recognition as a separate and distinct behavioral addiction and with continuing disagreement over diagnostic criteria.” [2] Young people are getting into that “parallel world” more and more and in many cases they feel there more comfortable and easier.

Young people of the 21st century are advanced and the same time lost ones. The life in the unreality is not so advantageous as it may seem. Through our lessons, through our love to study we still can keep them social, communicative and life- and study-lovers.


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