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VIII международная научно-практическая конференция
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Ecological education

Kh. Turaev Student,

Tashkent architectural building institute,

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


The expression “Environmental Protection” is considered to be one of the topics. The ecology of our planet, the degradation of soils, loss of forest cover, salt rain, air pollution, ozone depletion, etc., lead to crashes. As a result, worldwide pollution increases the number of different diseases. The rapidly development of science, technological progress, along with the improvement and positive impact on the conditions of life and labour of the people, nature also causes a negative change.

Today, in the context of globalization, shows the face of the social relation, indeed, the world is one whole, now it needs help, something that is given to mankind as a dwelling, is becoming more evident to awareness. For anybody not a secret that today, all around the world with rapidly growing production in large industrial enterprises, agriculture, the widely used different types of chemicals increases the vehicle, in one word, environmental protection is not timely received sufficient attention, and this has led to a sharp degree of disruption of the natural environment. As a result, environmentalism is outside of a certain region or country, and has become a global problem. Taking into account these circumstances, in 1972, June 5 has been declared “World environment day”. Environmental issues, is considered worldwide to be the biggest problem.

In our country in resolving environmental problems in the prevention of the negative effects accumulated some experience. For this, a state program, for the protection of the environment and prudent use of natural resources. Established in 1992, the international organization for the protection of the environment “ECOSAN”, implements the task of a healthy lifestyle, promoting hygienic knowledge and environmental education among the population. The protection of the natural environment is becoming quite urgent and acute problem. Within these problems, the relationship of man and nature occupy a very important and major role. In recent years, indifference to the environment and ecology, has exacerbated environmental problems, and it is known that it threatens a person's life. Human health is inextricably linked to the purity of the environment where he lives, the quality and purity of water and food which he consumes. In particular, each year, millions of people suffer due to lack of clean drinking water and are exposed to various diseases. Today, with the wide development of the automotive industry, despite the convenience and comfort for successful, everyday human life, but also their increase, especially in the city, causes of air pollution. To this day, in many countries the factories run on fuel, the smoke with the harmful gases of industrial enterprises show a negative effect on the atmosphere, this in turn is the reason for the increase in diseases of the heart, circulatory system and respiratory tract. Also, the problems associated with trash, garbage and trigger a variety of infectious diseases as dysentery, intestinal worms, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, directly becomes the cause of infectious diseases and the spread of germs in the environment are food waste, is not hard to imagine how dangerous it is for our children to play in the yards and swim in various open water. It is obvious that we ourselves are the main culprits in the spread of infectious diseases among the population, especially in children, isn't that our indifference to the environment?!

The formation of concepts about a healthy lifestyle in the minds and thinking of people is the primary goal. The first President of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov in his work “Uzbekistan on a threshold of XXI century: security threats, conditions and guarantees of progress” noted that: “At the turn of the century of humanity, the population of our country was in the face of global environmental threats. To notice, to do nothing is to condemn ourselves to extinction” [1, p. 108]. People rationing their needs, their attitude to the natural and external environment, indicates the formation of ecological culture. The formation of the youth ecological culture, becomes an organic part of educational process. Since the formation of ecological culture and environmental education, nowadays, is highly relevant. In the protection of nature, rational use of natural resources and improving environmental conditions, ecological culture, education and upbringing play an important role. In this regard, in our country in the field of health for the protection of nature has been gradually implementing a series of targeted work.


  1. Каримов И. Узбекистан на пороге XXI века: угрозы безопасности, условия и гарантии прогресса. – Т.: Узбекистан, 1997. – С. 108.
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